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    Help dating Marshall Lead 12 - sn#18195P

    hello guys, I’ve been looking for a small amp to have kicking around, no effects etc...just a mobile amp so I saw a nice Lead 12 for $75 bucks so got it. I’ve been all around the interwebs trying to figure how to date it but can’t figure it out yet. All I found for sure is these guys were...
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    Replacement Tubes for OR Micro Dark Terror

    What are some good tube replacements for this little head? I turned it on last night (and this morning just to confirm), it sounds like my vol knob is down to 6 or so...or like a cable half plugged you know...I read this means a tube replacement is due so that's where I am. I appreciate the...
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    Polish frets to remove scratches?

    Hello, I was getting rid of sharp fret edges when accidentally scratched a I have a buzz there it doesn't look too deep and might be a coincidence. If I polish the frets would this go away? This happened some time ago a few months but didn't really bothered me until this weekend...the...
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    What speakers...

    Ok so...I've been thinking on switching the speakers on my cab, I have a Marshall 100HDFX half-stack which was fine until I start going extended range on my guitars, the cab doesn't handle the lows that well. From what I've read is just the speakers so after some research I'm between celestion...
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    Long leather strap?

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this but... Ok, so I'm 6'2" and like to hang my LP lower than my other guitars...Ive been having a hard time finding a strap long enough that suits my LP, I just want a long black leather strap, little cushion but a fairly plain one. Any suggestions?
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    Luthier in New Mexico?

    Hello, I'm trying to find a luthier in NM to restore one of my Jackson's anyone aware of a good one? All I can find are luthiers for acoustics or techs not "full blown" luthiers. Thanks, Ivan
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    Fake, right?

    Gibson Les Paul Golden Top | eBay It looks "alright" but the lack of pictures and description and price (but that can climb quick)...then the cut away looks slight off. Your takes?
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    NGD - 2013 STD Iced Tea

    Hello guys, I've been around for a few months mostly just reading/learning about LPs. After around 15 years I finally got my you guys know in recent years the LP line well is extensive so I have been looking for a while until I found this one...sweet AA top AAA or AAAA tops are a hit or...
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    Standards vs Traditionals

    Hello guys, just a quick question...ok so why are LP Standards more expensive than Trads? My train of thought is...if Trads are supposed to resemble how LPs were made back in the day, some people say they were better cause they were not chambered etc...then why are they cheaper? Wouldn't that...

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