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    Vintage style 50's wiring kit recommendations

    I have an RS Guitar Works harness in my R9, sounds amazing.
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    Favorite Distortion?

    Fuchs Plush Drive works for me.
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    today i was mostly playing the '56

    I tend to go back and forth, depending on how I feel at any given time, between the R9 and my '57' Junior. Necks are nearly identical, but that P-90 can just cut when you want it. Then again, I fall back to a Strat now and again for something completely different.
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    “Always on” delay pedal for les paul. Ideas please.

    My MXR Carbon Copy is my go to for always on delay, inexpensive, sounds great and rock solid.
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    The Ultimate Clean Machine?

    My Tim Schroeder DeeBee 7 is the most amazing clean amp (and pedal platform) I've ever heard!
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    What is this written on the inside of my control plate?

    I had a bandmate in college, circa 1983, who had a mid-70's Custom in Cherry, NOT wine red, pretty much exactly like that guitar but not a 20th anniversary.
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    New nut or file the existing?

    An old trick, but works on my R9 - take the strings out of the tuners and nut, find a pencil (yeah, not easy these days!) and shave the graphite into the nut slots. wipe off the extra, restring, and it should help quite a bit. Pencil lead is just graphite, cheap and a decent lubricant.

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