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  1. ThePanda

    Duane Allman Custom Shop Demo at Casino Guitars

    Just saw this. Beautiful Les Paul. That neck pickup is FAT. Thoroughly enjoyed this.
  2. ThePanda

    Chris Buck bought an EGF1200!

    Chris Buck bought an 1980 EGF1200 Super Real! Nice to see it's legs being stretched.
  3. ThePanda

    Greco Mint Collection EG59-70 Fret Type/Size

    What size/type fret are closest to the stock EG59-70? I translated the 1989 Greco Catalog (my year) and Google said "Wide Oval" What would that translate to in actual wire? Here is a picture
  4. ThePanda

    I held a 2020 R0 today...

    I went to the music store on my lunch and tried out a bunch of guitars. I tried an R0... I get it now... The weight and feel are on a completely different level than Gibson USA. It felt like a low 8lbs (reference is my Greco at 8 1/2lbs) The 60s neck is pretty sweet as well. Even the relic on...
  5. ThePanda

    I did a thing, bought a 5F6a Kit

    I am itching to build a new amp just because it is fun... I ended up with the Ceriatone 5F6a kit (unassembled board) strictly because I like the head chassis... This is going to be fun...
  6. ThePanda

    3D pop/effect finish question

    I have been curious about this for a while. My plain top LP (Greco EG59) has a poly based finish but with subtle 3D pop (no flame). The pop is from what I suspect to be subtle figuring. The pop is more of a "haze", when I move it around, especially in the light, I can see the change. I can...
  7. ThePanda

    Ted McCarty Tonewood/Management Interview on Reverb

    Apologies if this was posted here already. I found it really interesting
  8. ThePanda

    Big Bend's Nut Sauce on ABR-1 Saddles?

    I got some nut sauce for my nut. Have you guys put it on your ABR-1 Saddles? Does it help intonation? I saw it goes on bridges but I'm not sure...
  9. ThePanda

    Making Brass Bridge Posts

    While I wait for my amp speaker, I am making some brass bridge posts for my Greco. Going to dremel these down tomorrow.
  10. ThePanda

    Marshall Champ Micro Amp Build

    Hello, I don't like how my Marshall MG10CD practice amp sounds, SO I decided to build my own. And document it here. I have owned the MG10CD as my only amp since I first attempted to learn guitar back in 2005, and never cared for the sound it makes. Rob Robinette has a Champ Micro...
  11. ThePanda

    Greco Pickguard fit issues

    Anyone have issues fitting Gibson pickguards to Grecos? I bought one and the pickup rings are too big for the pickguard. The screw hole is also different.
  12. ThePanda

    Anyone use Bartlett Aniline Dye and Pore Filler?

    Anyone have any experience with this aniline dye and pore filler? I am researching a refinish on my Greco. I want the burst to fade over time.
  13. ThePanda

    Greco Refinish Guide

    I am interested in refinishing my EG59-70 to nitro in the future and have been researching quite a bit. I found these that I think would help people out. I also wanted input from the Guru's here to point out things that may not be kosher/covered in these guides below...

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