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  1. Dolebludger

    A Stupid Question.

    I should know this, but I don’t! OK. I have this tube amp head. It has two speaker output jacks. I intend to plug two 8 OHM speakers into the head, one speaker for each output jack. The amp has an OHM switch for 4, 8, or 16 OHMS. How should I set that switch?
  2. Dolebludger


    For those who do not know, Grame Edge (who went by the name of “Gray Edge”) was the drummer and lyric writer in the Moody Blues from their beginning to their retirement just a few years ago. I have had the pleasure of meeting him, and he was a very nice man and excellent lyricists. For example...
  3. Dolebludger

    (Sold) A pair of Vintage JBL K 120 12” speakers for sale.

    These speakers are like new, never gigged with. They were removed from my 1980 Carvin 100W amp before I sold the amp with lesser speakers. These speakers are mint, boxed and ready to go. Asking $400 for the pair, shipping to the lower 48 states included. Feel free to PM me.
  4. Dolebludger


    Which means new rescue dog day. Three weeks ago, we lost our 13 year old Pomeranian;,We wanted another Pom. We like shelter and rescue dogs, but couldn’t find any small shelter or rescue dogs around here in SW Colorado.. We found a rescue Pom in SE Colorado, and put a deposit on her. She was...
  5. Dolebludger

    Thread that went where, and why?

    Guys, there was a post on the “other guitars” forum about whether the poster would like a PRS. I responded, and so did many long tine member here. All posts were civil and positive. Yet the thread has disappeared. Why?
  6. Dolebludger

    Are guitar players like soldiers?

    For the first time in ten years, I have another player coming to my music room to jam tomorrow. The bad thing is that I hadn’t practiced in six months due to the problems with depression over a disease I can’t mention here.. So I have been practicing like hell to try to get my chops back. Why...
  7. Dolebludger

    My favorite pedal.

    The past 40 years of my 62 years of guitar playing have been partially involved with the search for a good compressor/sustainer. I’ve tried what is now vintage analog and later digital models, and no cigar. Then last year I ordered a Behringer C400, now for sale on Sweetwater for $20. And the...
  8. Dolebludger

    Genz-Benz El Diablo 60W amp?

    I have one of these I am about to sell. It is approx a 2010 model, one owner, in mint condition. What might it be worth? I have researched this, and see them for sale from $400 to $700. But the 100W versions seem to be priced near $1,000 if they are as late a model. I ask, because my research...
  9. Dolebludger

    Bugera infinitium G5?

    I have a used one out on trial. Price is $180. This a low wattage tube amp adjustable from 5W, to 1W, to .1W. I haven’t put it through my full trial yet, but it seems to get the best “single string distinctive” distortion of any amp I have ever played. Does anybody here have an opinion on this...
  10. Dolebludger

    Guitar Center?

    I have had a bit of GAS for a PRS SE semi-hollow in Santana yellow. I got a GC coupon via email offering a 20% discount on "qualyifing items" over $99. As the street price on this guitar is $849, I called GC to see if it might be a qualifying item. To find out, I had to go through many...
  11. Dolebludger

    My Wife?

    Received my issue of GP mag today. On the fifth page (not numbered) there was a pic of a guitar that we both thought was cool. I got more info about it from the listed website. I found that the price is $32,000! As a joke I took this site info to my wife and said “I want this” . And she said...
  12. Dolebludger

    Hook Up Question.

    This thread isn’t about what you think. You see, I just bought a Vox Classic Rock headphone amp with reverb, delay and chorus. FX adjustable to a degree. I like it though my headphones. I would like to run its FX through my tube amp. But the only output is a stereo 1/8” inch plug in. So what I...
  13. Dolebludger

    What would you do

    Now we live in the Colorado mountains, which is where my wife has always wanted to live. But there is a historic area of Tulsa Ok where I have always wanted to live. I was checking values here and there, and was shocked by what I found. Home values have been going up so much here that I could...
  14. Dolebludger

    Ernie Ball Sub AX3

    A very cheap guitar. Price new was $225. Still, it is great for playing classic rock. it is such a cheap guitar that it has a photo finish top. Don’t try to relic this one! It was highly rated in a GP article so I ordered one. That was a few years ago, so I don‘t know if it is still around or...
  15. Dolebludger

    C8 Corvettes?

    Do they exist? It has been about a year since I contacted all the Chevy dealers in reasonable distance from me. I asked all of them to contact me when they got one in that I could test drive or at least see, touch, and sit in. I told them if I liked it I am a cash, no trade, buyer. Nobody has...
  16. Dolebludger

    If you ever find this, buy it!

    PRS SE had an “Orianthi” model that had a silly red sparkle top that wasn’t carved much, and was a much ignored guitar. But the 2012 model had a carved maple top with a flamed veneer and a thin maple neck and an ebony board. I bought one of those. Even though I have some more valuable guitars...
  17. Dolebludger

    PRS SE locking tuner source.

    Hey, all! ’i have a 2012 PRS SE “Orianthi”“ guitar. It was the only year of this model without that “sparkle red” top— instead mine has a nice red stained flamed maple top. In any event, it is my fav guitar, except I would like locking tuners to install, which would not involve drilling any...
  18. Dolebludger

    Guitar polish and protectant?

    About a year ago, I posted here about the vitrues of using 303 touch-less protectant on guitars. Well, despite some controversy about using this automotive product on guitars, I used it on all 12 of mine. All of them have been on stands or in their cases for close to a year. Because of...
  19. Dolebludger

    If you ever get the chance ....

    If you ever get the chance to buy a 2012 PRS SE Orianthi guitar, pull the trigger if the price is decent, Now the models of this guitar, up to and including the 2011 model had flat “sparkle red” tops that looked silly to me. But the 2012 model had a carved flame maple top (not veneer) a mahogany...
  20. Dolebludger

    Where Is the Fake Epiphone thread

    It used to be a sticky. It was educational and fun. Where did it go?

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