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  1. Darkburst

    SOLD: Duncan Slash Pickups with Throbak Covers

    Work perfectly, sound great! Leads are uncut. Includes Throbak aged nickel covers, which go for over $80 each. $189 Shipped USPS Priority in the lower 48 states with PayPal Gift or Venmo, add $12 for shipping via Reverb...
  2. Darkburst

    FS: OX4 Beano Set MINT

  3. Darkburst

    Duncan Slash Signature Pickups

    Fully functional but some wear on the base plates from installing and removing covers. If you’re handy with a soldering iron you can clean them up easily. For sale on Reverb:
  4. Darkburst

    ThroBak PAF repro Covers

    Bought new from ThroBak. These were recently removed from a set of Seymour Duncan pickups. A little bit of solder remains where they were attached. Otherwise great condition. Perfect to get that authentic vintage PAF look! For sale on Reverb...
  5. Darkburst

    SOLD: Wizz Zebra PAFs w Aged Covers

    Wizz Zebra PAF pickups with Aged Covers and A4 magnets. Bought from Wizz in October of 2015. $325 Shipped USPS Priority to the lower 48!
  6. Darkburst

    FS: Wizz Double Cream PAFs

    For sale: Set of Wizz Double Cream PAFs. A4 magnets with aged covers. Full length leads. Rings not included. $325 shipped to the lower 48 states USPS Priority Mail. No trades, thanks!
  7. Darkburst

    Seymour Duncan ALNICO II Slash, BRAND NEW

    Brand new, unused! Great sounding pickups. I'm keeping one set, but went with a Telecaster build recently and don't need the second set. I'll do $150 shipped USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48 with PayPal Gift.
  8. Darkburst

    FS: Fake58 Tuners

    Page 23 and Standard Fake58 Shrunken Tuners. Includes all original hardware and spare button. $80 Each, Shipped USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48 States.
  9. Darkburst

    FS: Wizz M69 Pickup Rings $40 Shipped

    My last set of extra rings from Wizz. $40 shipped to the lower 48!
  10. Darkburst

    FS: Reinhardt Storm 50

    I've had this amp for a loooong time, but I think I'm finally ready to try something else. I'm not into collecting amps, so this fine specimen must go before I buy another amp. Fully functional, sounds great, looks great, British green tolex, small box style head, footswitch, power scaling, Bob...
  11. Darkburst

    FS: Wizz M69 Pickup Rings

    Wizz M69 Pickup Rings Brand new, came with the set of Wizz pickups I just bought. Bone color, super-light aging. Reduced to $60 Shipped USPS Priority in the USA. No trades please.
  12. Darkburst

    FS: Throbak EdA Custom MXV Pickups

    Throbak EdA Custom MXV Pickups Great sounding PAFs that have a slightly hotter output. Very clear sounding with complex overtones. I've gone back to lower output PAFs and don't have another guitar to put these in and could use the cash for other gear. Bobbins are double cream under the...
  13. Darkburst

    Discovered that I don't like Round, Pure Nickel Strings

    So I tried something different and got some Throbak Vintage Choice (pure nickel, round core) and went right back to my trusty Regular Ernie Ball Slinky. The Throbaks killed what I like to hear in the wound strings. No bark. All the cool low string riffs sounded weak and the percussiveness...
  14. Darkburst

    FS: OTP Rings (Bone, Aged)

    My new set of Wizz pickups came with rings that look identical. So I'm selling these lightly aged Over The Pond rings for SOLD! USPS priority mail to the lower 48 states. They currently go for $288 new from Vintage Haven.
  15. Darkburst

    FS: Throbak EdA Custom PAF Humbucker

    Lightly aged covers with an additional three years of real aging. Can easily be polished up if that's not your thing. This set has zebra bobbins under the covers. Comes with original packaging and certificate card as seen in the attached pic. The leads are full length/uncut. These are $539 new...
  16. Darkburst

    Throbak PAF Covers

    I have two sets of unused Throbak PAF humbucker covers. They're lightly aged and still in the box with all original packaging. $35 each set, includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to the lower 48 States
  17. Darkburst

    Duncan Slash Pickups

    Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico II Pro Pickups I have two sets of these. Both in good condition, uncut leads in double black. These sound really good for classic rock and hard rock sounds. I've recently gone for total vintage tones with Throbaks for my Les Pauls. $130 through PayPal, Shipped...
  18. Darkburst

    Slash Solo Album Tour

    I just got back from the first Slash solo show at The Roxy in Hollywood. If you're a Slash fan I highly recommend going. He plays a bunch of G N' R, VR, Snakepit songs as wells as tunes off of the new album. Tonight Andrew Stockdale joined Slash on stage for 'By The Sword' and Wolfemother's...
  19. Darkburst

    FS: Vintage Clone Rings

    Slightly aged cream Vintage Clone M69 Rings. $65 shipped priority mail in the lower 48 states.
  20. Darkburst

    Slash Derrig Signature Model?

    I just saw on Twitter that Slash is working on a signature model based on his Derrig!

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