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  1. mudfinger

    I can’t make a Fender sound good I guess? Lol

    My best advice? Honestly best advice? Avoid the Stratocaster with every fiber of your being. If it calls to you, if it summons you, and you find that you cannot resist, so be it. Good luck, and may whatever Gods you worship bless you. The world is filled with other guitars that are so much...
  2. mudfinger

    Anyone who plays heavy gauge strings needs punched in the mouth

    JFC, this thread is still alive? Carry on...
  3. mudfinger

    I can’t make a Fender sound good I guess? Lol

    Accurate. For me, it's a feature, not a flaw. OP: There are lots of people who don't along with Strats. There are Gibson scaled guitars out there with Fender style pickups, maybe give one of those a go? I have pretty big hands, and play thumb over (Jimi Hendrix style), but I still have to open...
  4. mudfinger

    single coils

    @ARandall Yes, let's reconfigure the global power grid! Personal Faraday cages for everyone! Lulz. On a more serious note, why not 20hz? We wouldn't hear that... Personally, I don't care anymore about the noise that single-coil pickups induce. I prefer the way they sound too much.
  5. mudfinger

    Strats are soulless and sterile

    Okay, some folks just don't like the sound of a Strat, I guess. I tried to get along with Gibsons for many years, and I still love some of the sounds they make, but I like playing Strats best. It would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing, right?
  6. mudfinger

    Facebook Algorithm Flags, Removes Declaration of Independence Text as Hate Speech

    Glad to hear there was some melting going on... Life is good up here, hope Tejas is still treating you right!
  7. mudfinger

    DIY Microphone

    The diaphragm of the S-87 looks very similar to the diaphragms in the U-87 and U-87 Ai, but that's a small part of the overall equation, no?
  8. mudfinger

    Facebook Algorithm Flags, Removes Declaration of Independence Text as Hate Speech

    I seriously doubt that the general public understands the word "algorithm". I also doubt that Facebook's algorithms have anything to do with the removal of the post we're discussing. Someone who read the post reported it. I see substantively more inflammatory and outrageous posts on FB every...
  9. mudfinger

    Facebook Algorithm Flags, Removes Declaration of Independence Text as Hate Speech

    Huh. I posted the full text of the DOI on my FB timeline for the 4th. No problems.
  10. mudfinger

    Good Article on Innovation - Gibson and Fender

    Can't help but feel bad for all the folks that work at the factory. Not bad enough to buy another Gibson, mind you; I'm not a "fan", as Henry said just before I sold both of my doublecuts. Still, I hope everyone but Henry gets to keep their job...
  11. mudfinger

    PSA - combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for pain relief...

    None of you old farts need worry about the state of your precious livers.
  12. mudfinger

    Is Fender Next?

    Damn, good eye, Kitty. 1962 International Overlander Land Yacht, not a common model...
  13. mudfinger

    Is Fender Next?

    Amen to that! I hope life is dealing you the good cards, too. Never too many good cards in the deck.
  14. mudfinger

    Is Fender Next?

    Here you go, Caleb! A couple of crappy shots of the Mojocaster, plus a bonus shot, also crappy. Lulz.
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  18. mudfinger

    Tuning Question

    Nothing helpful to add, except that all of the answers on this thread are solid.
  19. mudfinger

    Is Fender Next?

    Glad to hear you're doing well! I bet you've been pretty busy this past year or so? I'll make sure to post some pics of the Airstream when it's looking presentable, I'm right in the middle of a full on resto-mod, so there's shavings and sawdust everywhere! The Mojocaster is looking about how you...
  20. mudfinger

    Strat or Tele?

    If your reference point is the Gibson Les Paul, then a Telecaster would probably be the Fender guitar you'd get along with best, at least for starters. Strats are daunting for many Gibson players, who often complain about the position of the controls and the bridge, which seems dodgy to many...

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