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  1. pmonk

    2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Up to H already?
  2. pmonk

    Looking for Shaw 1981 Pickup

    Cleaning out my desk today I found the bridge Shaw pick up I took out of my Heritage Standard 80. The stamp is 499 181 so looking to see if anyone has a 498 stamp neck pickup from 1981 (as close to January as possible)
  3. pmonk


    The wife decided to make a smoothie and somehow the noise of the spoon she left in the blender rattling around was normal? Needless to say, the Oster I had for 25 years is no more. What benders are people using these days. Vitamix is my first choice but it is apparently it's the custom shop...
  4. pmonk


    Purchasing a Fender BROWNIE TRIBUTE STRATOCASTER is just not going to happen. Why do I find it extremely difficulty finding a Fender two-tone sunburst finish body that matches Brownie? Even Fender Custom Shop Journeyman Relic Eric Clapton Stratocaster 2-Color Sunbursts don't look like Brownie
  5. pmonk

    Eminence Patriot

    Looking to replace the Eminence Gold Label speaker in my Blues Deluxe reissue with either the Swamp thang or texas heat. Seems a very popular swap Anyone on MLP have either of this speakers?
  6. pmonk

    Local Sale NNJ - Marshall Class 5

    Marshall C5-H Class 5 5W Tube Guitar Head Black 5W tube head with one EL34 power tube and two ECC83 preamp tubes with three band tone control 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm speaker outputs Comes with Marshall Class 5 C110 1x10 Speaker Cab (16 ohm)...
  7. pmonk

    Marshall JCM800 Lead Series 1960A 4x12 cab

    with Celestion G12T-75 for $500 Should I be so stupid and buy it for my basement?
  8. pmonk

    8 ohm and 16 ohm cabs - Safe mismatch

    I have a bunch of mixed-matched cabs sitting unused I have two 1x12 cabs: one 8 ohm and one 16 ohm I also have two 1x10 cabs: one 8 ohm and one 16 ohm The 1x12 16 ohm cab allows me to daisy chain connecting the 1x10 16 ohm cab giving me a 8 ohm impendence If I wire the two 8 ohm cabs in...
  9. pmonk

    Tubes for Marshall

    I own a Marshall 3203. The power amp uses tubes (1x ECC83/12AX7 & 2x EL34) and I think it is time to swap the tubes. Any recommendations for the best tubes for Marshall amps?
  10. pmonk

    Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage 80 Bridges

    My Standard Heritage 80 Les Paul came with Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge Does anyone build studs that fit in Heritage 80 bushings that allow drop on replacement for an ABR-1 bridge?
  11. pmonk

    2x12 Stagecraft Speaker Cabinet or Marshall 1936

    Looking to get a 2x12 cab to replace to two 1x12 I'm currently daisy chaining. 1. 2x12 Stagecraft Speaker Cabinet with WGS ET65 and a Veteran 30 speaker (cheaper but an hours drive) or 2. Marshall 1936 with Celestion G12T75 (5 minute drive away but $200 more) My only concern is the 1936...
  12. pmonk

    WTB Fender Telecaster Body

    Looking for a Fender Telecaster body (natural, butterscotch blonde) for a 52 blacktop build. thanks
  13. pmonk

    WTB: Fender Stratocaster 3-bolt body

    I have a 1979 hard tail Strat but it is so god damn heavy Looking for either either a 70's reissue body with tremolo or an actual 1970's body
  14. pmonk

    Eric Johnson v. Eric Clapton

    Looking to get a loaded body to match with my favorite Soft V maple neck. The Johnson is lighter by a few ounces and the pickups are obviously different, point being: is it worth the extra $50 to go for the Johnson body over Clapton? Both are black alder bodies
  15. pmonk

    WTB - MIA Fender Stratocaster Soft "V" Shape - Maple Fingerboard

    SSIA. Anyone got one floating around to sell?
  16. pmonk

    WTB: 52 Reissue Telecaster Neck & Tuners

    American Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster Neck & Tuners- American Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster- 1-Piece Maple, "U" Shape If anyone got an extra they are looking to unload, send me a PM
  17. pmonk

    WTB: MIA Telecaster Rosewood neck

    Looking to replace the MIM Rosewood neck with an MIA. I am open to any size neck Prefer a neck with tuners but can always switch out the Vintage-Style I have on the MIM. Rather pay a MLP member than the prices on Reverb and such.
  18. pmonk

    WTB Late 1970's 4 Bolt Maple Strat neck

    Looking for 1977-1979 bullet truss rod maple Fender Stratocaster neck (late 1970's) that has been altered for 4 bolt bodies. I really don't want to spend money on a 3 bolt neck and drill holes. I have a Rosewood 1979 neck and I really dig the thick neck of the late 1970's Strats.
  19. pmonk

    WTB Gibson Tim Shaw Cream Pickup(s)

    I once had a Tim Shaw Cream Pickup on a Les Paul that I traded away and looking back I should have kept that pickup, so..... I am looking for a 1980 or 1981 Tim Shaw Cream Pickup(s) to put in the bridge of my 1980 Les Paul. Thanks
  20. pmonk

    Loaded Stratocaster Pickguards

    I have a 1979 Hardtail Strat that I'm looking to get get a loaded pickguard to replace what I have now. I know Callaham sells loaded pickguards but wondering if anyone know of other venders?

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