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    Bye Bye Reverb

    Yup, my state (IL) passed legislation lowering the limit to something like 4 transactions/$1k in sales. Again, doesn't necessarily mean you'll get taxed (sell for a loss, take out shipping and administrative fees, etc. and you likely don't have "income" to report), but yea, this is old news for...
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    What Chicago sounds like...

    It has increased in those areas for sure, but as the stats show those are more outliers than the norm.
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    What Chicago sounds like...

    No, it's largely concentrated in pockets of the South and West side (not that that is anything to celebrate). Otherwise the city is generally pretty safe--no more or less so than any other major metropolitan area. But "CHICAGO IS A WARZONE!" is a convenient talking point for some....
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    Marshall JCM 900 - Pick One Up For A Steal Before It's Too Late!

    Love my 50W MkIII head into a 1936
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    Les Paul Traditional Questions

    I have a 2009 Goldtop, 2014 P90 Bigsby Goldtop, and 2017 Cherryburst. Absolutely love the 2017--as others have said: no weight relief, ABR-1, 50s-ish neck nylon nut, amber switch tip, "thumb bleeders," Burstbucker 1/2 etc. The 2009 Goldtop doesn't feel weight relieved, but I can't confirm...
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    SOLD: 2001 Gibson Les Paul Historic R8 - Good+ condition $3275

    wow--hate that I missed this! Congrats on the sale, and congrats as well to the lucky new owner
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    Do i only need 3?

    Cool! I have a 1961 1614 "Spectator" and a 1963 16T
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    Do i only need 3?

    What kinda Supro is that--16T?
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    Gibson MOD Collection

    Interesting--wonder if this will be parallel to the Demo Shop on Reverb or if they'll wind down the Demo Shop altogether and sell direct.
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    Post a photo of the celebrity or TV personality that annoys you the most. No Politicians Please!

    Got it, thought it may have just been local. And yes, remember the slightly warbly "K-A-R-S kars for ki-i-i-i-ids" guy haha
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    Post a photo of the celebrity or TV personality that annoys you the most. No Politicians Please!

    Is this just a Chicago thing, or is the Kars 4 Kidz band national?
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    2021 opinions on the fender tone master

    I was considering "trading up" to the Super just to have the additional "oomf" and Super tone if needed, but I can't see a situation where the Deluxe wouldn't cut it for me. Curious to try out a Super, though.
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    2021 opinions on the fender tone master

    I have a TM Deluxe Reverb. Fantastic amp for pretty much any application (low-volume, recording, jamming, playing out live). It may not sound exactly like a vintage Blackface or DRRI (but neither would a vintage DR sound the same as another, or a DRRI for that matter), but I'd say you get 95%...
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    Any Traditional Lovers Here?

    Love mine--2009 Goldtop (50s neck), 2014 Goldtop P90 Bigsby (60s neck), 2017 Heritage Cherry (50s neck)
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

    Damn, I just picked up a Dark Burst and thought that was the color for me..that Southern Fade looks fantastic
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    Carter Vintage and Gruhn's guitars (Rumble Seat should be good, but I've never been so I can't comment) Robert's Western World and Tootsie's on Broadway Hattie B's for sure
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    Merry Christmas aka your favorite Holiday tunes

    The Kinks "Father Christmas"
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    Thoughts on the Gibson Les Paul Tribute?

    Had the same Goldtop. Sold it and a 2016 50s Goldtop Tribute for a 2014 GT P90 Bigsby Traditional. Don't regret it as the Trad is a fantastic (and limited edition) guitar, but the 60s Tribute P90 was a great player.
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    Gibson USA clearance prices?

    Remaining stock of Junior Tribute Doublecuts (and Specials) seem to be getting closeout treatment at major retailers. "New" guitars (2019 serial numbers) selling at a discount (549 Jr, 599 Special)
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    What brand of pickups sound most like the Barrie Cadogan video?

    Love that video, especially since he's coaxing those tones out of a $150 or so amp rig

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