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    Guitar Refinishing recommendations?

    I'm looking for a simple solid paint for a bolt on body. Can anyone recommend someone who is reliable? Seems a lot of guys I found online websites haven't been updated in awhile or they are WAY backed up. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. ns2a

    THe IRS sure makes it hard not to take their (my) money...

    I decided to opt out of taking the monthly child payments. How hard could that be? Went to the IRS website. Had to go to some sort of 3rd party ID verification site and register Ok, did that. Had to prove it’s really me. Had to setup a text or email verification. Ok.... sign in...
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    Locking tuners post is very low - would you accept this?

    I was going to install a set of Gotoh SG360 locking tuners on my Ibanez RG. When I did, the tuner post is very low. The (online) dealer says it's fine, you only need one string wrap anyway. Eh. Would you accept this? The difference between the base of the original tuner to the bottom of the...
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  5. ns2a

    Did Norlin Customs ever come with chrome hardware & cream?

    Looking at a 79 that is “all original “ according to a dealer that is reputable as far as I know. I thought customs had gold and black?
  6. ns2a

    Gibson announces multi-year partnership with Gene Simmons on custom line of G² guitars and basses
  7. ns2a

    Duncan and DiMarzio pickups

    Seymour Duncan Distortion Bridge humbucker. Double white. Regular spaced. Brand new in the box. $65 shipped. DiMarzio Super Distortion 4 wire, double cream, plenty of lead $60 shipped
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  9. ns2a

    Replace LP with PRS? Or something else? Or... ? ?

    I have been a rhythm guitarist and/or bass player most of my musical life. In the past 6 months have been delving into lead playing quite a bit. What I realized is I think I like BIG jumbo frets. Like on my PRS Custom 24 and Ibanez Jem. I have a LP Standard 50s. While I love the sound of...
  10. ns2a

    Mosky Audio XP Booster (Xotic EP Clone Clean Boost) FS or FT

    Mosky Audio XP Booster Which is the clone of the Xotic EP Boost Boost your signal up to 20 db! Works fine. See pics for condition. There are a few scratches, but works as it should. They have internal "dip switches" that allow you to boost certain frequencies. (See the red switch in pic...
  11. ns2a

    NGD: Possible problems with nut and/or truss Rod - LP Special

    I picked up a new Special this weekend. With the stock strings, it sounded really blah when I got home so I put 9's on it like I do on all my guitars. I got some buzzing up and down the neck on the low E and a little at the A. I raised and lowered the action and get the buzz no matter what...
  12. ns2a

    Swapped tuners w/ extra holes - reduced value? Yea or no?

    When you are looking at a LP with swapped tuners and there's the extra holes in the back of the headstock - how much do you reduce the value? I'm checking out a late 70s Norlin this weekend. The tuners are swapped out (but the originals included) so it has the extra holes. He says they are...
  13. ns2a

    Trade Celestion Greenback for Creamback?, more speakers FS or trade...

    I have a reissue 12" Greenback 25w, 16 ohms as new. Looking to trade for a 12" 65w Creamback 16 ohms. I can provide pics to interested parties. Also have a 12" Celestion Seventy 80 for $25 plus shipping. Neither have ever been pushed hard and are as new.
  14. ns2a

    What % off do you offer on used guitars? Generally...

    For local music stores , say used and "vintage" but under $3k, what percent do you usually offer off the asking price? I know, depends on how long it's been there, what it is etc. I usually deal with private parties and the big stores and haven't used a smaller shop in 30 years. I have my eye...
  15. ns2a

    SOLD Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC 2019 Worn Cherry SOLD

    Great sounding and playing 2019 Les Paul Special DC Tribute. Just bought this in September, and I went through every LP Special and Junior around town to find this one. I've played dozens and dozens and this one is the pick of them all. It is just fabulous! I'm only selling as a vintage...
  16. ns2a

    2019 Standard 50s/60s vs (whatever year) R9/R0

    For those who have played (and spent some time) with both, what do you think - tone, playability etc? I have both right now - a 2019 50's Standard and a 2014 R0. No VOS or Murphy or anything else fancy. I'm thinking one has to go as they seem to overlap. I paid $1000 more for a used R0 and...
  17. ns2a

    Are these really Custombuckers?

    Hopefully it's ok to post this here and I'm hoping if these are the real deal, no one steps in front of me, but I gotta ask... Are these really Custombuckers? Says they came out of a...
  18. ns2a

    2014 R0 - logo and truss cover questions.

    I have a 2014 R0 I just recieved. The logo on the headstock has an "outline" around it. Think like the Fender logo waterslide. It's hard to see - I tried to photograph - but if you tilt it in the light just right you can see. It is inlayed though. Normally, I would be concerned, but I...
  19. ns2a

    “Tommy” from sitcom Alice dead at 55

    Didn’t know “Jo” from Facts of Life is his sister.

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