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  1. dCi_king

    Strange number inside the cavity

    As many of you know, a couple of months ago I bought a 2019 R8. Last week discovered this number inside the troggle switch cavity. Maybe someone could help me and tell me what do these numbers mean? Any help would be really appreciated. This is the R8...
  2. dCi_king

    NGD coming!. 2019 Gibson R8 Iced Tea VOS

    Hi guys, after a long time looking for a Custom Shop in a nice color with a gentle figured maple top, I think I have finally found my dream guitar. Previously I had a 2019 Gibson USA Standard 60s model but sold it a few months ago. After spending a lot of money on replacement parts: 50s...
  3. dCi_king


    I'm thinking about buying a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul and I can't keep both guitars, so I put this one up for sale ONLY FOR SPAIN (sorry). Everything is stock except tuners. Grover 502N locking tuners installed. Will be sent with stock reflector Knobs ,original Standard TRC and everything...
  4. dCi_king

    NGD!. Gibson Standard 60s Unburst.

    Today I have received this Gibson Standard 60's in Unburst finish. After a first visual inspection, everything seems to be absolutly perfect!. Good job Gibson!. Looks like a dream guitar to me. So I am very happy. She has an amazing flamed maple top. A beautiful piece of rosewood, waiting for...
  5. dCi_king

    The most important tube in your amp.

    Hi everybody. Last month I changed all the tubes in my Marshall amp and I found this, which helped me a lot, so I want to share it with you: "The most important tube in your amp? The Phase inverter! Many people think that V1 (the first gain stage) is the most important tube in an amp. This...
  6. dCi_king

    Does my PTP have a maple cap?

    I everybody. I have a question for some time ago on my PTP. When I was changing the pup's, I noticed that it seems to have maple top under the flame veneer. On the other hand, I also realized that one of the potenciometers was an Alpha (which are usually mounted on the Tribute plus not on...
  7. dCi_king

    Problem with Micro Dark?

    Hi everybody. I have an Orange Micro dark since a week ago and I am very happy with it, but I have a question about its operation. When I unplug the headphones, a very strange noise sounds. It's not the typical sound you hear when turn a switch off, it's more like "prrrrfff". When the amp is...
  8. dCi_king

    Back plate & switch cover

    Hi. Does someone know where can I found a black back plate and switch cover for an Epiphone Standard? :hmm:
  9. dCi_king

    Good 10" speaker

    I am looking for a good 10" speaker for the Marshall DSL5C which comes with a Celestion Ten 30. It's not a bad speaker at all, but I would like to try a better speaker. I am between these two: Celestion G10 Greenback 16 Ohm: Classic - G10 Greenback - Celestion - Guitar, Bass & Pro Audio...
  10. dCi_king

    Replacing capacitors

    Hi. At this moment I have installed this Jupiter Alu- Foil 600V caps on my guitar, but I would like to try some PIO K40Y-9 0.022uF 1000V. Is there any problem with the 1000 voltage?
  11. dCi_king

    Introducing my upgraded Les Paul

    Hi everyone. One year ago, I bought a Standard Plustop Pro in Vintage Sunburst. These are the modifications I have done at the moment: 1- Grover Rotomatic locking 502C tuners with Hipshot pearloid buttons. 2- Non logo truss rod cover. 3- Switchcraft jack and toggle switch with amber tip cap. 4-...
  12. dCi_king

    New member

    Hello everybody. My name is Carlos and I am from Spain. I am a Les Paul user for 15 years. I started with an Epiphone Special in 1990, and 8 months ago, I bought an Epiphone Standard Plus Top Pro, although it doesn´t retains almost nothing of the original components... I have replaced pickups...

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