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  1. MagneticTape

    WANTED: Rolph Pickups and/or Dead Mint Club PAF Pickup Covers

    Looking for Rolph Pickups and/or Dead Mint Club PAF Pickup Covers
  2. MagneticTape

    Is this forum run by TheGearPage?

    The bottom of TGP lists this site and others as being "sister sites" This implies they are under the same ownership or share common administration. This was surprising to me because I've seen threads on multiple sites in this list that were critical of TGP's mods and what they felt was...
  3. MagneticTape

    Yamaha SG1820, SJ1802, SG2000, etc.

    I'm awaiting delivery of a couple of Yamahas and wondered about experiences with them in this LP-heavy group. They seem like a best kept secret that everyone knows about. These are not low end instruments and have a retail of $4000US retail but can be had for lower, though you'll likely be...
  4. MagneticTape

    *** SOLD *** Gil Yaron 59 Burst *** SOLD ***

    ***** SOLD ***** Gil Yaron 59 Burst Gil Yaron needs no introduction, he made the best burst replicas that have ever been made and detailed every step of production on TDPRI forums. Unfortunately, he stopped making them years ago, so what's out there is all that will ever be. I purchased this...
  5. MagneticTape

    Who makes the best non-Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Replicas?

    Who makes the best non-Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Replica? Thicker 59 or 58 neck, not smaller 60's neck, 1 piece mahogany or spanish cedar body, P90 Really looking for premium build quality, a lifetime instrument with the best woods. Unfortunately many of the Junior replicas seem like they...
  6. MagneticTape


    Please Delete
  7. MagneticTape

    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    My NGD was tarnished a bit when it arrived it had this ding/abrasion on the back of the neck. As tempting as it is, I'm not going to publicly shame the shop as I think that is bad form. They were an absolute nightmare and I'll never work with them again. It was advertised as new, mint...
  8. MagneticTape

    NGD '17 Les Paul Custom Axcess Rhino 1 of 25

    After owning and playing many Les Pauls and always going back to my PRS's for their ease of playing and precise builds, I thought I'd try a more Modern Les Paul. I found this rare 2017 Les Paul Custom Rhino which is 1 of only 25 made. The Rhinos were done in gloss with gold hardware or...
  9. MagneticTape

    Nik Huber Orca 59 video - Middle sound like single coils?

    How is this Nik Huber Orca 59 creating a single coil sound when he switches to the middle position? One of the most beautiful instruments I've ever seen or heard.
  10. MagneticTape

    R9 w/Sloppy Burst Job?

    I've been considering a 60th anniversary burst and saw this one on reverb... noticed the uneven burst job. Maybe I've been around PRS guitars too long but at this price point I think Gibson could have done better. UPDATE: It appears they might be doing this intentionally, but it's done...
  11. MagneticTape

    WTB LP Silverburst 1979 1980 1981

    Looking for a Les Paul custom Silverburst 79-81 (or 82 w/volute) Might consider a LP Custom Ebony Black with all nickel hardware from same years.

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