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    Should I Double-Cream It....?

    R.I.P. Peter Green, died today, aged 73. ( would of posted this as a stand alone post but haven't figured out how to)
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    New Family Photo - Wall of Brazilians

    Gorgeous, I'm sat here drooling but , all that and no P90s ????? Each to his own but I always find them to have more focus somehow, a more immediate response. Massive congrats anyhow !
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    1955 Les Paul Jnr Resto-Mod

    Lovely job ! Once had a gold top with same pickup config. creamy humbucker on treble but the p90 really focused things , the two together? sweet.
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    NGD 2019 59 60th Brazilian

    thanks for the wonderful pics, makes me think Paul Kossof. ever hear him ?
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    My made in china fanny pack, and fanny packs in general.

    maybe it's a Sun Dried Plums bag, :eek2:
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    Iran seizes British tanker

    KSG, a large part of this is the fact the brits ceased an Iranian oil tanker (thought to be on its way to Libya) as it was passing Gib. in the med.
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    Catalogs Collections: Greco, Fernandes/Burny, Ibanez, etc.

    superb work there Frank! I'm sure I speak for many others there too. I in fact once owned the Firebird from the pre 1975 catalogue- a decent playing guitar too from what I remember- wish I still had it.
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    Is this top maple or mahogany?

    looks nice piece of wood to me- how does it sound?
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    NGD: 9 91959 She's a Looker! 60th Anniversary

    that's an amazing top.
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    Reverb Return - Looking For Advice

    I can almost hear a whisper of "buyer beware", I think suck it up with return postage as a show of good will in light of the sellers good attitude - - maybe even take it up with Weber (?) Good luck with it.
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    Iran seizes British tanker

    also a Liberian flagged British owned ship was tracked as going of course about the same time but has since continued on its planned course so it is reported. The British government department known as 'Cobra' is at this time meeting to formulate a response. Funny things them Cobras, when they...
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    Gibson Historic Plastics

    I've got a big bag full of all that stuff, it's no good to me so I just give it away to worthy friends; I couldn't be bothered trying to make money from it, it will only ever be cream plastic any day of the week.
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    You know you’re too old to rock ‘n roll when....

    when your get up and go has got up and gone. P.S. My anti virus is going ballistic blocking web attacks from this web site, happening regular too - scary.
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    The Most Beautiful Les Paul

    Yep, they all look nice to me.
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    Good pedal for Marshall crunch rhythm sound

    I ran out and got the Guv'ner days after it's launch on the market- I've used it ever since and never wanted another drive pedal,. For me, it does it all. Smooth boostamundo !
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    1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior - SOLD

    Looks so yummy! Wish I had the wonga.
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    Great Bands You Only Got to See Once Before They Broke Up.

    GentleGiant, and a band called If. Gary More with the original 1972 or 3 Skid Row ( superlative jaz Rock trio, blew my effin socks off ! ) saw him 4 or 5 times after that throughout his career.
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    How many fuzz pedals ?

    hey, come on. Fuzz is fuzz, you need one and that's yr fuzz sound, on/off , you shouldn't be splitting hairs on it!, Electro hmnix must be good or boss or whatever is a well built pedal, it's just fuzz, I can't see the problem ! you actually play electric guitar yeh ?
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    Trade feeler 2014 Gibson Melody Maker

    stop bar and P90's can't be beet, wish I lived in Indiana, Lol

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