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  1. Blue Blood

    Early 1961 Gibson SG LP Standard

    1961 Gibson SG Standard
  2. Blue Blood

    ISO B-Knuckle,WCR/Wolfetone humbucker set

    Looking for a Mule, Black Dog, Marshall head, Godwood..or.any combo ...will work. Definitely has to be black bobbins... Nickel or gold is good Aged or not is ok (No Riff Raff' 4 conductor) PM please with offers PP ready Thanks !
  3. Blue Blood

    SOLD Fender Stratocaster road worn black Nostalgia pickup set, mint 3 ply guard, aged knobs, aged gold hardware, etc.. My son's moved on to a Floyd rose strat, so I'm selling his rw strat for him 649.+ shipping OBO Located in Massachusetts PayPal is good...
  4. Blue Blood

    WTB Wide spaced humbucker

    Looking for a wide spaced /Fender/Floyd/53 mm spaced humbucker. Vintage hot, ceramic, etc Bare Knuckle double black preferred Thanks !
  5. Blue Blood

    SOLD _Gibson ES 335 ebony '89_ SOLD Tons of details, images, etc in listing Gibson ES 335 studio 1989 Ebony fretboard Gloss black Bare Knuckle mule n and black dog b pick-ups Faber, Wizz, Creamtone,Grover's, etc 1849.+ Shipping 48 states
  6. Blue Blood

    Gibson SG STD ebony board SOLD

    2007 GOTW 32 Real ebony fretboard Satin black ,grain filled finish Upgrades: Bare Knuckle Riff Raff set New Tone man 50's wiring harness Witch hats and pointers OHSC Pro set up by my luthier 949. + shipping 48 states CONUS only Thanks as always ...
  7. Blue Blood

    WTB: Bare Knuckle neck humbucker

    Looking for either a mule, stormy , or black dog neck humbucker, with plenty of lead. Nickle cover, black bobbins, 2 wire braided preferred. PP ready. Thanks !
  8. Blue Blood

    60-61 SG Std. specifics

    Ok, looking for parts information about these early ,ink stamp serial number standards (humbucker guitars) please ! What tuners ? PAF ? Specs ? Pot --cap values ? Which abr ? Nylon or metal saddles ? Pickguard details ? Are all early small pickguards the same ? All come with sideways tremolo...
  9. Blue Blood

    SG 61-70 nut width

    So I'm looking at buying a standard, and need info on neck/nut width over these years, please. I had a '69 custom in hand, and I think the nut was 1 5/8" ? Very narrow... I owned a '67 special prior, but definitely going humbuckers this time. Danke !
  10. Blue Blood

    SOLD Gibson ES 335 case

    Good condition ES case No stains,odors, etc All latches present and work. 169.+ shipping 48 states CONUS PayPal ok Thanks !
  11. Blue Blood

    SOLD 1 piece swamp ash body Fender MIM road worn ( very light relic)2013 neck, bridge, tuners Fender '64 custom shop control assembly Bare knuckle Yardbird pick up set Hard case 799. + shipping 48...
  12. Blue Blood

    SOLD Swamp Ash 1 piece Telecaster 849.

    1 piece swamp ash telecaster body Nitrocellulose clear finish Bare Knuckle Yardbird pickup set Fender road worn neck (newer, light relic) Fender custom shop control assembly Fender ashtray bridge Comes in fitted hard case 849.+ shipping 48 states Thanks ...
  13. Blue Blood

    Gibson LP Custom Historic Black Beauty SOLD

    2001 Gibson LP 57 Black beauty Historic , long tenon guitar All Mahogany Good condition. Really nice ebony black beauty custom, beautiful in person, but has small dings thruout. Perfect ebony fretboard Couple indents in finish from a guitar stand, area of finish gone off neck...
  14. Blue Blood

    1pc Swamp ash tele partscaster 1 pc American swamp ash body Satin nitrocellulose clear finish Fender road worn tele neck Fender custom shop '64 control plate assembly Bare Knuckle Yardbird tele pickup set Super nice build, all excellent parts, no junk...
  15. Blue Blood

    ISO: BB1 or 2 Gold humbucker

    Looking for a Gibson Burstbucker 1 or 2 ,gold screws/ polepieces double black... Gold covered preferred, but not necessary. PP ready Thanks!
  16. Blue Blood

    What are these pickups ?

    The guitar is a 2001 Gibson LP 57 custom historic, sold in Japan thru Yamano music. (Guitar came with all paperwork/corresponding ser# 7 1xxx) Assuming a Burstbucker ? 1 or 2 ? I ask because I'm having a middle pickup installed, (player grade guitar, no worries) and want them to match. Thanks !
  17. Blue Blood

    SOLD 2001 Gibson SG Standard brown

    2001 SG Standard Bare knuckle aftermath alnico pickups push pull Very good,clean condition. Was cherry , finish is washed /faded out to a caramel brown color. Really beautiful in person. Original hsc $ 999.+ shipping 48 states Thanks ...
  18. Blue Blood

    SOLD Gibson CS Les Paul 3 pickup ebony

    1997 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 pickup Very good original condition. Weighs 9lbs on my bath scale No issues whatsoever Quiet pots/switch Low string action Tuners work great, holds tune well. No pinging from the nut, no dull/dead notes. Perfect real ebony fretboard Almost zero fret wear Some very...
  19. Blue Blood

    LP Historic Customs~Question

    I'm considering buying a Historic /Custom Shop Custom Les Paul. I'm looking for information in a few areas. Specifically, were they all 100% mahogany bodies ? All long tenon construction ? Last year with real ebony fretboard ? Danke !
  20. Blue Blood

    ISO Schaller badass style bridge

    Hi, Looking for a Schaller 455 6 string bridge ,please PM with anything you have. Paypal ready immediately Thanks as always!

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