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  1. mgrasso03

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    Any of the early Masterbilts are great. 2004-2010. AJ-500s. Mahogany or Rosewood. Can’t go wrong.
  2. mgrasso03

    Tried a 2020 Riviera today

    I have a 2006 Cherry Riviera made in Korea that has the thinner neck profile, white truss rod cover and mini humbuckers. That will be the reissue you would want more than the 90s with the full sized humbuckers.
  3. mgrasso03

    Incoming 335 figured blueberry burst

    That looks great. Is anyone else as surprised as no on the amount of new Epiphones not only announced, but available for delivery art the online outlets? Chrestwoods, Wiltshire’s and Coronets. 2 styles of 335s, plain top and figured. solid wood J-45s, J-200s and Hummingbirds including a 12...
  4. mgrasso03

    NGD & PSA - Epiphone Frampton Texan

    Funny you should post now. I have been thinking about either the Frampton or the Masterbilt. I really want the Frontier and Excellente. if I cannot grab one of each of those, I might go with the Frampton with upgraded amenities.
  5. mgrasso03

    Epiphone ES-335 Pro - Blue Burst

    I just found this from a Facebook thread I follow. While the US got the Epiphone LTD. Ed Dot Deluxe in Blueburst,Canada got the ES-355 Pro in Blueburst. Both beautiful, but the Pro has a bound fretboard and block inlays. This is beautiful. The Gibson version is about $3K. Why not off this in...
  6. mgrasso03

    1998 Epiphone Dot Deluxe

    Sorry for the delay. I only have the Sorrento and Casino photos online since Photobucket changed. I need to upload more..
  7. mgrasso03

    1998 Epiphone Dot Deluxe

    Real nice. Enjoy her and play her often. I have a 98 natural, that I picked up in 2005, I had the posts, switches and cables replaced but kept the pickups. Plays and sounds like a dream. Did that to my 96 Peerless Casino and Sorrento. Great platforms for those upgrades. the necks, frets and...
  8. mgrasso03

    NGD: Epiphone ES-135 blueburst

    They only made them one year. Love the blue. I would love to buy one but the current market is outrageous for what sellers want. Same body as the 90s Sorrentos. Those are now going from $6-900.
  9. mgrasso03

    Epiphone Original Masterbilt Collection

    With all of the buzz about the USA Epiphone's from Winter Namm 2020, my excitement is about the new Masterbilt Collection. 2020 Masterbilt Collection Original Epiphone/Gibson designs released in Masterbitl line. These are solid wood tops, backs and sides. Been drooling over the originals on...
  10. mgrasso03

    Made in US Epiphone Casino

    The USA Texans are up for pre-order at Sweetwater. USA Texan
  11. mgrasso03

    Show us your Epi Casino ,

    That just looks right. Epiphone should special edition that.
  12. mgrasso03

    Benefit Concert to Save Guitar Center

    I don’t mind the stores all that much. If I order online, I have it shipped to the store. If everything is ok, fine, if not they send it back. I did that 3 times for my White Epi Es-355. Third one was perfect. Thinking about the James Bay Century for my birthday this week. 36 months same as...
  13. mgrasso03

    Benefit Concert to Save Guitar Center

    I just got a happy birthday greating from GCand Syncrony bank. Just a good wish. They want more business, a 15% off coupon would not have hurt.
  14. mgrasso03

    '96 Howard Roberts

    Three of my favorite Epi Archtops that I don’t own. Beautiful trio.
  15. mgrasso03

    If you want an Epiphone ES335 PRO, brand new and CHEAP, here they are...

    A question to all owners. I played one when they came out and the neck was too thick for me. Is that the case for all of them, or do some come with thinner necks? My Casino, Sorrento, Riviera, Sharaton and Dot all have thinner necks.
  16. mgrasso03

    Show your 'other Epiphones'

    My 2011 ES-355 Pick guard not installed, just placed. I plan on taking new photos out of the case.
  17. mgrasso03

    2000 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus

    I have switched provider and uploaded the photos. I have downloaded my whole collection 25 guitars in all. (That took a while) I might post some of the others, 1 Les Paul Special form 2010 in TV Yellow with P90s. A Del Rey, and a tone of archtops and ES's. And of course the acoustics. Below are...
  18. mgrasso03

    2000 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus

    Sorry about the no show photos. If you caught my thread yesterday, I think the photos were visible. Working on removing from Photobucket and moving to another hosting service. I have been gon a while.
  19. mgrasso03

    2000 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus

    I have been absent for a while and convalescing from surgery in January. Decided to put on a new set of 09 Gibson Vintage Reissue Pure Nickel Wound Strings. And of course I needed updated photos. Won her in an eBay auction for an unheard of price of $179 + $50 shipping. It had the EMGs already...
  20. mgrasso03

    Epiphone Masterbilt Century Collection

    Just found out that they all have laminate sides and backs. Unless the info is wrong on this site: Zzounds A Masterbilt that is not all solid wood is just wrong. Especially at this price point for the higher...

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