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    Where did my thread "Whos using Virgil Arlo" go ?

    The Virgil Arlo thread was (in my opinion) an entirely healthy attempt on my part to bring together those already using these popular PAF style humbuckers, with those curious to learn more about them (myself included). The content, to the best of my recollection was good natured, courteous...
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    Where did my 'Whose using Tone Specific' thread go ?

    Can the mods explain whats going on please ?
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    Pedal boards, who would you recommend I take a closer look at ?

    I've been using my current board for over 15 yrs now and although it's built to touring standards, its very heavy and bulky to cart around, everyone hates it and I want to downsize. A modern, well built, lightweight board that can accommodate approx 6 pedals of various sizes. (Boss to Electro...
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    Can I re magnetise a weak bar magnet at home ?

    I was wondering if there's a simple way of increasing or boosting the magnetic charge of a weak PAF type bar magnet ?
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    Calling owners of vintage 1959 Marshall Super Lead from 1967 to 1970.

    Is it true that clean headroom available before the onset of distortion/overdrive became less and less between 1967 and 1970 ? And the circuit changes between these years resulted in the earliest metal panel amps of 1970 having no clean headroom to play with whatsoever..? Thankyou.
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    Favourite sub $ 1,000 large condenser mic ?

    Your go to condenser for vocals, guitars, whatever..
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    ADK Microphones, your opinions and experiences using them.

    I have three ADK mics two are the affordable A51 and A51s. The third was an expensive model, an A51 TL which is no longer made. They have many fans and are (Apparently) used widely in recording studios, particularly in the US. I'm really interested in your experience with these mics. Are...
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    What's the difference between Burst Buckers and Custom Buckers ?

    I'm just intrigued as to the difference between these two Gibson PAF types. I know the BB,s use alnico 2, the CB,s use alnico 3. Both come in potted and un potted versions AFAIK, and the BB1 and 2 are roughly the same in output as the CB, s. So.. Other than alnico type is there anything more to...
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    Cream T repro double white PAF's from Joe Bonamaser "Spot" burst #9 1688

    I've just learned that this set of PAF replicas from Joe B's '59 burst are available and wondering if anyone has them? They're available from Matts guitar shop located in France, at least that's the link I got, if it wasn't for the fact that this particular burst sounded so amazing in Joe's...
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    A confession with hope of absolution.. If you think I need it ?

    I'm always on the look out for new pickup builders, with a view to offering them as an option when upgrading or customising customers guitars. I buy a set and try them out in our own guitars, and in the case of PAF types I wire them into my Gibson Les Paul's first, if they perform here I can...

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