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  1. Dilver

    Gibson 500t vs Seymour Duncan JB in Les Paul

    I just put a 500T/496R set back in my Les Paul Studio, after having a set of OX4 in there for a couple of years. As soon as I put the 500T back in I remembered what a cool pickup this is. It’s a one trick pony - but it’s a helluva trick. To set it up I started with the pickup low and then...
  2. Dilver

    NGD - Gibson Custom Shop R8 Lemon Burst

    Resistance is futile! Nice color - congrats!
  3. Dilver

    Guitar "Bonding" is Real

    Agreed. Unless you’re used to setting up your own guitars, the whole “bonding” thing becomes a little sketchy. The guitar was set up by someone else to play how they thought it felt best. If I like my action higher and stiffer, set up a guitar that way, and then hand it to someone who likes...
  4. Dilver

    Help on my Seth Lover pickup quest!

    I learned a while ago that I prefer the tone of bridge position humbuckers with A5 magnets and didn’t like the tone of the Custombucker (A3) in my R8. While it’s different for everyone, the tone in my head for a Les Paul bridge pickup has some bite and chew to it. I found my ideal tone in a...
  5. Dilver

    Would this cause you concern?

    It’s probably fine; just the finish. Would be helpful to see a shot of the butt of the heel.
  6. Dilver

    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    A lot. These pics are a few years old... there’s more. I keep saying, “fewer nicer guitars” but the guitars I’d want to sell wouldn’t bring much and the guitars that would, I don’t want to part with. So I just get more.
  7. Dilver

    These guys have been blessed. To be able to perform like this in their mid-60's ? WOW

    Was nice to see DLR and Eddie make peace in the end. Same with Axl and Slash. Not to derail the thread, but who else should bury the hatchet and get back together again?
  8. Dilver

    Fret recrowning question

    I use the Stew Mac fret crowning file and have no issues. But I mark the frets with a sharpie BEFORE leveling so I can see what’s coming off and to make sure it’s done evenly. After that a few passes (maybe around 8?) with the fret file on each fret and then I’m on to polishing with micromesh.
  9. Dilver

    New Gibson coming pre-scratched?

  10. Dilver

    What the heck. Pretty nice top...

    Sick. Let’s see a shot from the front…
  11. Dilver

    Waffle House WTF

    You guys don’t have diners?
  12. Dilver

    Quick question, how many different “Dirty Lemon” colors exist?

    It really does change depending on light and angle…
  13. Dilver

    Which burst?

    Personally, I don’t really care about binding bleed at all - my 2017 R8 has pretty significant binding bleed and I don’t notice it at all when I’m playing it. I would just pick the guitar that plays and sounds better. But if it’s really going to bother you, get what you want. Just know that...
  14. Dilver

    How to meet people and start a band?

    I signed up to Bandmix a couple weeks ago. An older dude reached out to me… he’s a good 10-12 years older than me, which makes him pretty old. Not to sound agist or anything. I’m debating whether or not to respond. It’s so weird, like online dating or something. where are you located?
  15. Dilver

    Quick question, how many different “Dirty Lemon” colors exist?

    13 posts and not one photo? This is the worst Dirty Lemon thread ever. Fine - I’ll start.
  16. Dilver

    A 1970 “deluxe” - possible trade

    While I understand there’s some mystique about vintage gear, the non reversible modification and refin dramatically reduce the value and have nothing to do with the pancake body construction. Not to mention the Deluxe will likely need to be refretted so it will play like sh#t. What is it...
  17. Dilver

    Do i only need 3?

    Good eye - yes 1616T. It’s still awesome.
  18. Dilver

    Do i only need 3?

    Yeah, it’s gotten out of hand. There are more since these pics were taken. I don’t play with a band anymore, rare occasional jams with friends, mostly playing and recording with my son, who’s a drummer. I‘m still kind of getting one new guitar a year. Not because I need it - I just want it...
  19. Dilver

    Tried out a new 70s Deluxe

    Ya mean like this? Not sure why the Reissue 70s Deluxe has a fat 50s neck. My 72 has one of the thinnest Gibson necks I’ve ever played

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