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    what would be a modern boutique PAF quality clone pickup that's similar to a 57 classic type of sound?

    just bought a new epiphone es 335 wine red inspired by Gibson today that I got from guitar center that I got for a great price that plays amazing out the box. It sound good as is and I really don't need to upgrade it BUT I WANT TO *for anybody telling to leave it alone I still will upgrade it...
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    NPD Ron Ellis 54s review

    Earlier today i reviewed my new slider 59s in my fiesta red FSR strat. Well im reviewing this one as well and i must say this one was a bit harder to get right but it was worth the struggle. Usually guys wait like 5 months to ive seen 4 years for Ron Ellis pickups. I found a guy to sell them for...
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    NPD Slider 59s in my fiesta red strat

    I haven't done a pickup review in some time but i just picked afew axes from my guitar tech and this was one of them. The guitar is a squier classic vibe FSR fiesta red with gold hardware stratocaster. It's been fitted with: Slider 59s pickups *they're non RWRP like all my pickups*...
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    How many pounds would you consider *heavy* for a stratocaster?

    I never knew what the typical strat should weigh. But my question is in your opinion what would you consider heavy? Does a guitar's weight dictate whether or not you'll buy a guitar? And also for those of you that it doesn't deter or had experience with heavy guitars would you say they sound...
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    Fernandes le-2g tremolo block upgrade question

    I just took a look inside my Fernandes le-2g and it's the thinnest piece of pot metal i ever seen it was thinner than the blocks in my classic vibe squiers lol. I wanna upgrade the block but i have no clue what the correct spacing for it is. Ive heard its 2 7/32 but i wanna be sure before i...
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    How long did it take you to get your ron Ellis pickups?

    Right now i was told thew wait is 5 months exactly once you've paid for your pickups. Anybody have any experience ordering pickups from ron Ellis exactly?
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    WTB: Ron Ellis 54, 57s or kingtone bluebird j1 pickups

    Im looking to buy one of the 3 sets of pickups if anybody is thinking of selling them. Let me know thanks.
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    Tremolos that fit squier classic vibe strats

    Im aware that callaham are direct drop ins i got 2 of those and they're great. I know the German company ABM does and guitarfetish does. But im wondering if there's anybody else you know of that make upgraded tremolo systems that fit the 2 1/16 with the 2 1/16 spacing. Any help would be great
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    Ron Ellis or gil yaron pickups

    Anybody got experience with either one? If so what did you think? I know Ron Ellis is a 4 month wait right now, I'm not sure what gil yaron wait time is. Im just wondering if they're worth the expense and wait possibly?
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    What wood was used on early 90s MIJ Fernandes LE-2 & LE-2G?

    Just bought a aztec golf le-2g that I'm excited about. Ive been getting conflicting messages about the body wood even while searching Google. Is it alder or basswood? I know basswood was common for mij strats but not all used em. Whichever wood it is i don't care cause it's already purchased...
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    Replacing a strap button on a guitar.

    I got a issue id like to run by you fine ppl today. There's a strat I'm interested in buying. Real nice fernandes strat made in Japan guitar. The problem is the guy who owned it is left handed playing a upside down right hand guitar. No big deal right??? But the strap button is on the right...
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    Really having trouble thinking of a PAF set to get for a les Paul.

    Im usually very decisive when i buy gear. I knew i wanted kloppman pickups i bought a set of kloppman hb59. I knew i had to have monty Pafs i ordered a set of them. But i got a third les Paul that needs a set and for the life of me can't decide what to get. Originally i wanted a set of doyle...
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    Looking to buy a set of Monty's PAF set.

    Been wanting one for a long time. Anybody selling a set let me know. Thanks
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    WTB :Rocketfire total 60s pups

    I'm looking for a set of rocketfire total 60s stratocaster pickups. WITHOUT THE RWRP middle pickup. If anybody's selling them I'm in the market to get a set from you. Let me know thanks
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    63 klein epic series anybody got a set?

    There's a ton of info on the jazzy cars... s5 & 7s even the 62s and so forth but little to know videos or reviews on the 63. Anybody got any experience with the 63 kleins? I feel like whateve year you pick you're getting a great set of pickups but I'm curious to the 63 set in particular case i...
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    Don mare super sports anybody got them?

    Just bought a set from a guy. Rave reviews on them but not many videos of them. Anybody own a set and if you do could share what they sound like to you?
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    Who makes 63 strat pickups?

    I'm working on a guitar i just bought and i got 62 heavy formvar for that bell tone deep rich mid heavy slab board and 64 plain enamel for that early Hendrix Robert Cray sound pickups. I now need something for the 63 tone which is kinda bb in the middle. Good bite of the 62 but also the punch...
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    Anybody got Vintage inspired pickup lovers PAF set?

    I've been listening and watching videos of this for at least a year and finally purchased it today. Saw jd Simo using them and considering his penchant for using only highly coveted vintage gear that was to me a good indicator that this was a great set of PAF replicas too have. Anybody have...
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    Fralin vs wolfetone vs lollar p90s

    Has anybody tried any of these p90s? I'm looking for something mean fat raunchy and got that midrange grind but great smooth tone in the neck and jangle in the middle. Which one of these do you think would give me that sound?
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    Short neck dogear P-90 for casino recommendations?

    anybody know of any companies that use short neck dogear p90s and if so what's your experience with them and the tone you got from them?. thanks.

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