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  1. Gfunk_Minor

    Bonamassa Master Class

    Has anyone else seen this? Now he's giving lessons....? Love ya Joe, but you jump the shark a bit much...
  2. Gfunk_Minor

    RUSH as performend by the Ohio State Marching Band

    Even if you don't like marching bands, this is pretty Fing cool...! Especially for a RUSH Fan like me.
  3. Gfunk_Minor

    RUSH Cinema Strangiato Home Edition

    You will now be able to stream this movie from home.
  4. Gfunk_Minor

    Bridge Direction Question.

    I don't know why I just noticed this. My question is why do some bridges have the saddle adjustment screws on the side with the stop bar, and some are on the side of the pickup? I know someone on here will know.
  5. Gfunk_Minor

    Any good BASS forums?

    My Bass player and I were looking at some of the posts on here, and he says... "they need a site like that for Bass." So, do any of you know of a good Bass forum site? Thanks! G
  6. Gfunk_Minor

    Help Dating an Epiphone Les Paul

    Hey Guys... If no one here can help, there is no help to be had. I am trying to date my Epiphone Les Paul but when I enter my serial number in the Guitar Date Project, I get it could be 1985, 1995 or 2005. I have even pulled the control cover off to check the pots, but they don't appear to...
  7. Gfunk_Minor

    Today's Rabbit Hole

    Sorry Folks if this is a thread that has already been done, I just couldn't find it if it had. Let's talk about Rabbit Holes, shall we? Any hole you like. Tell us your story. Maybe we'll like your hole, and dig one of our own. Or, maybe we can offer support and talk you down off the ledge...
  8. Gfunk_Minor

    A Fool for MY Stockings....

    The song as it was "originally" intended. From a woman's point of view. My band Sissy Dobbs & the Thingamabobs in Dallas on June 20, 2021. I'm the Les Paul she always stands in front of.
  9. Gfunk_Minor

    Joe B's New Thing...

    Anyone else seen this yet? Opening bid $435000.00 Nice work if you can get it.
  10. Gfunk_Minor

    Cold Weather Care..

    I'm sorry if this has been addressed before, but with the freeze we just went through in Texas last week, I didn’t feel like searching the forum for relevant threads. Short story is, while I prepared as best I could for the storm, the idea of being out of power for almost 4 days, and its...

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