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  1. bluefrog

    LP Traditional 2018 Pickup's

    I swapped the BB1/2 for a set of SD 59 from the 80ties in my Traditional-18 I like the SD59 very much - has more texture and bite.
  2. bluefrog

    Current Historic Reissues vs Older Historic Reissues

    I am convinced that in all years there were some outstanding examples made. Your job is to find the one that is IT FOR YOU. Most of them are "OK " some will be "dogs" . Good luck with the quest for the right one. Another thing is the pricing... prices gone rediculous high in last years.
  3. bluefrog

    What would you do? 3 Lps 4 sets of HBs

    Hot Duanes in the Traditional I had this OMG what a killer for Southern Rock.
  4. bluefrog

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    SD 59N & 59BL with covers light aged in my 2018 Trad. LP (replaced BB1+2) Sheptone Tributes A5 in ES335 Warren Haynes.
  5. bluefrog

    Any Traditional Lovers Here?

    I love my 18 Traditional too it looks the same as yours. It rings unplugged and has sustain - btw. not weight reliefed about 4.1 kg - Very nice top flames. I swapped the BB for a set of vintage SD59N/B. This sounds and plays awesome.
  6. bluefrog

    2014 Gibson R9.....New Pickups?

    I am selling a WCR Goodwood bridge wd be a dream in a R9 but i am in europe.
  7. bluefrog

    EU sellers' thread

    Hi I am selling a WCR goodwood Bridge with Covers. 130 Euros plus shipping in EU other Countries on request. dble black 4 leads.
  8. bluefrog

    Looking for a great 1x12 combo

    my secret wappon : Marshall 1974x 18watt + a overdrive (xotic SL drive ,& treble booster, optionally a reverb ). I am thrilled anytime I switch the amp on - it is a so damn good sounding dynamic amp. my Friedman Runt 20 is also good for live gigs , but real inspiration flows in my room with the...
  9. bluefrog

    Wilkinson Pickups... Cool Deal Or Crap? How about FLEOR?

    I wd rather choose 2nd hand "brands". cheap pickups which are decent - are really rare. but you can have fun to find out - spend a lot time and money, what you cd have used for any brand. for the long term the brand-pu wd pay back and keep their value more or less. just my thoughts.
  10. bluefrog

    NGD! 2020 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS ~ Dirty Lemon

    congrats ... first of all for such a wife !!! 2nd for the guitar !
  11. bluefrog

    NGD: My First Les Paul R8 (2020 Iced Tea...Pics NSFW)

    wow very nice ! congrates!!!
  12. bluefrog

    (VIDEO) Marshall vs Friedman (JCM800 SC20H vs Dirty Shirley Mini)

    friedman sounds fuller but still cuts thru the mix
  13. bluefrog

    classic (2019) vs trad pro v?

    my trad 2018 is ringing like a bell and plays smoothly. it gets close to my 2004 R9 !
  14. bluefrog

    LP Custom 57 vs 68 price difference

    It 's the market what drive prices, but the concept difference as I know is: the 57 is full mahagony body tends to be darker the 68 has a maple cap under the black finish tends to be brighter , maybe more weight. maple cap= extra cost but less in price?
  15. bluefrog

    I Picked Up A Treble Booster....

    I had a Xotic EP1 sold it as I had friedman pearly xotic BB wampler tumnus in my main pedal board in that sequence. for my home setup I was missing a treble boost in front of my Marshall 1974x so I ordered a TC spark - so running TC Spark Xotic SL Neunaber Imerse Reverb Marshall 1974x...
  16. bluefrog

    Good tone surprise just SD 59er with budget gear

    all is subjective with sounds - but it felt / sounded - simply a bit "coming home" although I am sure if I spend 200 euros more - I cd have another set which I like (more?). I head f.e. OX4 hot duanes in the guitar, but sold them as a planned to sell the traditional,too. Those hot duanes...
  17. bluefrog

    NVGD: 1962 ES-355

    wow what a beauty hope this sounds as good as looks. real artwork also
  18. bluefrog

    Good tone surprise just SD 59er with budget gear

    let me tell you: yesterday rehearsals with my Trad2018 + 80ties SD59N + 59BL just a bugdet gear (joyo jackman and 1x12 v30 box) - beside my old xotic bb. I was total surprised how good it sounded! I had this kerrang and honk from the bridge pickup. I used the clean channel on the jackman. but...
  19. bluefrog

    NGD: ES-335 Content

    cool ! if the price was right -why not?
  20. bluefrog

    Just Duncan 59s

    fine to hear - specially the lower of the buckers - I will play again with the height.

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