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  1. MasterEvan07

    FS: ABM 2504C Nashville Bridge - $75/OBO shipped

    Great German made bridge machined from solid bell brass. Includes inserts, replacement/extra saddle, and original packaging. $75 shipped
  2. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: ReWind Electric NOS Wire 58 PAF Humbucker Set

    Brand new, never installed, shipped directly from James himself. A very special set of humbuckers from ReWind: '58 PAFs wound with NOS 1950’s REA Wire Company wire on steel spools. $1499 OBO insured shipping More photos:
  3. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: 1969 Marshall 1987T Plexi Circuit 50W Small Box Head - partial trades added - offers welcome!

    '69 Marshall 1987T ready to rock. New bias and filter caps (original Erie and Hunts, etc. included). TAD EL34Bs. JJ preamp tubes but have Brimars if you're interested. Merren era-accurate PT-50 Gold Series power transformer. Original cover. This is a very clean, very cool transitional metal...
  4. MasterEvan07

    FS/FT: UK Celestion Blackframe V30 Quad For Celestion G12M or G12M-65 Quad

    I've got a Marshall head coming in and I want to have some Green or Creambacks for it. Very nice set of well broken-in UK V30s that lived in a Hiwatt 412 all their lives, no issues, ready to rock. $400 + shipping
  5. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: Schaller TopLocking Keystone SR 3+3 Nickel Tuners w/ ReWind Vintage Buttons - $69 shipped

    Schaller LP tuners with ReWind True Replica buttons. $69 OBO shipped
  6. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: PTD/Trombetta Custom Big Box Kaiju Kasai - offers and trades welcome

    The first Si/Ge Kaiju with, as Paul said, the "best feedback circuit he's ever done in any pedal"; it is also functional with a battery and has a battery on/off switch. Custom, hand-etched finish. 99% perfect condition w/ original box and papers. Why sell? A rare opportunity for a pristine 1969...
  7. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: 1981 Fender Deluxe Reverb - sound clips added

    A rare bird early 1981 Fender Deluxe Reverb, last of the handwired tube amps before the Rivera 80s. Very clean with a reproduction 60s style Blackface panel and original cover. C12Q speaker 100% functional and sounds fantastic. It's the quietest Fender amp I own out of the five I have on hand...
  8. MasterEvan07

    FS/FT: Keeley Electronics Pickups "Vintage" Strat Set - $299 shipped/OBO

    Don't have a Strat anymore so these rare bird Keeley anachronisms are on the block. Keeley Electronics Pickups "Vintage" Strat Set - $299 Trade interests: Gamechanger Light Pedal RevivalDRIVE Blackstone OD Cornerstone Gladio SC DryBell Unit67 SSBS F*ck Overdrive Ernie Ball Volume Pedal VPjr
  9. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: ReWind LO A2 Neck PAF w/ Vintage Pull Nickel Cover - $245 OBO

    One of my favorite modern production PAF clones - James' stuff is tops. $245 OBO
  10. MasterEvan07

    WTB/LF: Parts/Project '60s Vox, Fender, Marshall, etc. tube amps - esp. Vox AC15/30/50/100

    Looking for something I can rebuild, mostly - the for-parts and non-functional amps and/or chassis that collect dust but never quite make it to your "to-do" pile.
  11. MasterEvan07

    FSOT: PTD/Trombetta Mk1.8V Serial #001 - partial trades added

    Selling to fund a bucket list item I was recently offered a great deal on. Partial trade bump: Benson Tall Bird Gamechanger Light Pedal Menatone Simplexity Blackstone OD Beetronics FX Swarm Spaceman Sputnik III Std Source Audio True Spring Truarc Serpentune Brass standard spacing Ernie Ball...
  12. MasterEvan07

    FS: PRS Early 2000s Dragon II and Vintage Bass Humbuckers - $180 OBO

    Righteous Sound RAF-1 Set w/aged nickel covers - SOLD Zhangbucker Brownbucker Pure Handwound Bridge w/RS aged nickel cover - SOLD Gibson 1983 Tim Shaw Humbucker Chrome (seemingly rare unmolested cover) - SOLD PRS Early 2000s Dragon II and Vintage Bass Set (bridge cover included but not attached...
  13. MasterEvan07

    FSOT: Sound City SC30 Combo (SOLD) & Filmosound 385 6V6 "Bernie" - Offers Welcome

    Trade +/- cash: Benson Tall Bird PRS Silver Sky Recent Macbook Pro w/ Logic Pro SOLD This is that Bernie Raunig/Colin Cripps/Blake Mills/Austen Hooks/etc. circuit people love. -5879 tube boost switch -Thin/Fat switch for hums or singles -OS RCA power and rectifier tubes -Original...
  14. MasterEvan07

    FS: TV Jones Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity FilterTron Set, gold w/packaging, $265 shipped

    Full leads, mild finish wear from hand placement when playing, some solder on the neck cover. Original boxes and screws.
  15. MasterEvan07

    FS/FT: Gretsch Player's Edition G6136T-WHT White Falcon - partial trades - $2499 OBO!

    Gretsch G6136T-WHT Player's Edition White Falcon This was already a great guitar when I got it but I wanted to make it epic, which I think the upgrades accomplished. Upgrades: -Slipstone nut -ABM 2400-G Gold Roller Bridge (can swap in original and drop price if desired!) -TV Jones Ray Butts...
  16. MasterEvan07

    FS: Sound City SC30 Combo w/ Cover And Extra KT66 Set - $1625 OBO Shipped

    I'm looking to go big and move up to the Sound City Master 100 head, so clearing funds for it with the SC30. Ships securely in original box. Trade + cash: Fryette GPDI Benson Tall Bird Drybell Unit67
  17. MasterEvan07

    FS: Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Standard w/ Switcher Interface, Both Mint, $525 Shipped

    Perfectly mint RDHR with switcher interface
  18. MasterEvan07

    FS: Righteous Sound Low Output PAF Set (Brielle) $235 OBO

    Righteous Sound Brielle (LO PAF) Set - $235 OBO
  19. MasterEvan07

    FS: Quad of Eminence/Alessandro GA10-SC64 8 ohm Speakers

    Excellent shape quad of 10" Eminence/Alessandro GA10-SC64 speakers. Perfect drop-in set for a Super Reverb. No issues, no bent frames, no cone cry, no tears - ready to rock. $240 plus shipping - will be double boxed and properly secured.
  20. MasterEvan07

    WTB/LF: Broken/Non-functioning 50/60/70s Fender/Vox/Marshall/Valco/Supro etc. amps/chassis

    Old amp blown and won't power on, no sound, no light, etc.? Some broken "holy grail" amp that you've never gotten around to cluttering up your storage? Kits unused and taking up space? Let me know, I may be interested in purchasing the chassis/husks/kit/etc.

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