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  1. Steven

    Purchased new guitar, Schecter C-6 Elite

    I purchased a new guitar, a Schecter C-6 Elite. However, I wasn't happy with it, it was an inexpensive guitar, and it certainly played and sounded so-so at best. I ended up returning the guitar. Although I got a very good deal on it, this was one of the very few guitars I purchased that I ended...
  2. Steven

    Purchased a new guitar and bass at prices that I could not resist.

    Just bought a new G&L Legacy, and a Sterling by Music Man (top of their line) Ray 34 bass. These are great sounding guitars. Always love adding new guitars and basses to my current large collection :) Always scouring the Internet looking for new gear since I have severe GAS. At my age I should...
  3. Steven

    Menopause Rhapsody
  4. Steven

    Those of you tech savvy enough to wire your own guitars

    I am not tech savvy, I can't replace my pickups, wire or install pots, or do more than work on my own neck and set action to my liking. How did you learn to do your own tech work. It would be nice to save money, additionally, I know of no techs in my location, just music stores where work is...
  5. Steven

    All who buy a guitar just for a nice neck, pick ups and electronics (not name brand) please post.

    After I bought my Gibsons and Fenders and other big name guitars when I was young I realized that there exist some fabulous no name electrics out there, and as I've aged I categorize guitars as "nice guitars" for the simple reason they ARE in fact nice guitars, I no longer buy for the brand name.
  6. Steven

    Perfectionism with my guitar collection drives me crazy

    How does one resolve such issues ? I know intellectually it is impossible to play the guitars and keep them in pristine condition, but I can't get over the concerns about my guitars showing signs of wear. It seems that there is really no resolving such a problem.
  7. Steven

    Nancy Wilson of Heart

    I never realized how good a guitarist she is. I was watching Heart on YouTube and Nancy did some VERY impressive work on the guitar.
  8. Steven

    "The Weight" around the world

    I found this very enjoyable.
  9. Steven

    These children always surprise me

  10. Steven

    Boss Katana 100 1x12- A question.

    I got a great deal on a Boss Katana amp, 25% off and 14% in backstage reward points from MF. The amp arrived today. This is my question, are the settings of the channels clean, crunch, lead, brown supposed to get vastly louder than the previous channels ? IOW- clean channel-very quiet, and...
  11. Steven

    Large mail order music stores increasingly adding tax on to total sum of purchase.

    For the first time, today, I ordered a Boss Katana. I was surprised that MF added state tax onto my order. This seems to be somewhat of a recent change.
  12. Steven

    Exchanging opinions on decent VERY affordable guitar cases under $89.

    I bought a Silver Creek Dreadnaught Hard shell guitar case for $66 for my Acoustic guitar and these are very well made very protective cases. I would highly recommend them. I have also bought some of Musicians friend $79 cases that are absolute junk. I am thrilled with Silver Creeks cases, and...
  13. Steven

    Does MLP not respond well when using Internet Explorer ?

    MLP continuously stops responding, and there are many threads I can not scroll in. Is this a known issue ? Or is it another aspect of my computer ?
  14. Steven

    Advice on protecting very top edge of guitar headstock from bangs and scrapes

    Have any of you used electrical tape or other types of pastic coated tapes to protect your guitar headstocks from low ceiling bangs, or other scratches incurred by hitting objects ? Is it OK to tape the tops of a guitar headstock ...
  15. Steven

    Gibson ES-330 vs Standard Epiphone Casino, How do they compare ?

    I won't currently pay the cost of a Gibson ES-330. How do the regular $500 Epiphone Casino's compare sound-wise to the far more costly Gibson 330's ? What are the main differences ?
  16. Steven

    You've most likely seen this interview with VanHalen, but if you haven't it's interesting.

    I found this to be very down to earth, and it got me smiling. What inspired me was thinking about the "What is it like to be 60" thread. This interview took place when VanHalen recently turned 60.

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