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  1. Danelectro

    Why do the majority of new Custom Shop LP reisues have poorly fitting pickguards?

    You are correct. Some people think that the Historic pickguard doesn't extend close enough to the cutaway when in fact the cutaway itself is the problem because it isn't as deep as it should be. Compare the cutaways in the image below. The cutaway of the 'burst starts lower on the neck and...
  2. Danelectro

    Why do the majority of new Custom Shop LP reisues have poorly fitting pickguards?

    The gaps are the north and south side of the neck are there for vintage accuracy as the 1957-1960 Standards typically have gaps in these areas. The gap between the pickguard and the neck binding is due to the pickguard being poorly cut. 2021 Historic Reissue Here are examples of original...
  3. Danelectro

    1950's Jr Identification

    A 1957 pickguard will fit, but you'll end up with a larger gap between the pickup and the guard. When the pickup was moved 1/4" away from the bridge in late-1956, the guard was scalloped deeper in order to clear it. The Junior control cover plates are the same from 1954 thru 1960
  4. Danelectro

    1950's Jr Identification

    Is that a lightning bolt bridge that I see on the guitar? If so, I would have to guess that the intonation must be way off. A lightning bolt bridge has the saddles stair-stepped upwards from low-E to high-E and it needs to be mounted on aligned studs which put the bridge relatively horizontal...
  5. Danelectro

    Anyone else lust after Greeny ?

    Dave Johnson did an impressive Greeny makeover a while back (I'm not sure how to make this image go to actual size when clicked)
  6. Danelectro

    Match your Historic to Beauty of The Burst

    Original 1960 0-8093 2009 R8 Double Carve Prototype
  7. Danelectro

    1950's Jr Identification

    Its from 1954-1956. Without a serial number its impossible to pinpoint the year. I can help you out with the hardware. email: [email protected] - Dan
  8. Danelectro

    WTB Mojoaxe Aged Pickguard

    Drop me a message at [email protected] :)
  9. Danelectro

    Reissue SG Jr. pickguard shape = ?

    Here is a 2016 SG Junior with the stock pickguard on the left and a 1965-shaped 3-ply pickguard that I made on the right.
  10. Danelectro

    6 piece les Paul top?

    I recall seeing a photo of a Norlin Les Paul with a 7 piece top. I’ll look to see if I can dig up the photo.
  11. Danelectro

    Is this an neck joint issue ?

    It looks to me as though the edge simply got rounded or beveled and then the pore filler filled in the small void that was left. It probably doesn’t go any deeper than it is wide, so 99.99% of the neck joint is contact with the body. I’d say it’s nothing to be concerned about. I would...
  12. Danelectro

    R8 Plain Top Day Every Day

    2004 Chambered R8 2020 R8
  13. Danelectro

    Fake Pickup?

    Here are some more 2007 Burstbuckers for reference 2007 R8 2007 R9
  14. Danelectro

    Fake Pickup?

    The pickups are labeled with the dates that they were wound and by whom. Winding is a hand operation and I would imagine that the label printing is as well. I would guess that there is probably a computer and printer in the pickup winding department area and each day the winder (or somebody)...
  15. Danelectro

    Fake Pickup?

    Everything about it looks to be original, but I agree about the price. You can get a new R9 which feature-wise is a much better guitar for about the same money. I imagine that R9 is probably a very nice guitar, but the price should be closer to $4K.
  16. Danelectro

    Plain tops need love too

    2020 R8
  17. Danelectro

    Match your Historic to Beauty of The Burst

    Of course it’s much easier to get close when you’re comparing plain tops. LOL
  18. Danelectro

    Match your Historic to Beauty of The Burst

    1960 Burst 0-1499 2020 R8 8-0420
  19. Danelectro

    Plain tops need love too

    2004 Chambered R8, 2020 R8
  20. Danelectro

    Let us see your Deluxe

    1969 Deluxe - This guitar was was routed for humbuckers and had the top finished in natural prior to my ownership. I sent the guitar to RS Guitarworks and asked for a top-only refin in a 1950's gold finish. Roy nailed the finish. The guitar is lightweight at 8.5 lbs and its currently sporting...

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