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  1. nopea

    Buy a Burny for the inlay?

    Hi guys, I was looking around at a local second hand shop here in Japan last week and I came across a Burny RLC-65 - I am basing that based on the pickups in it (VH-1) and the headstock inlay (lightening bolt - with winged truss rod cover). It would appear that this was from the early to mid...
  2. nopea

    Modding vintage guitars

    I know the general consensus is that one should not mod a vintage guitar in a way that is not reversible, i.e mod with parts that will leave no permanent scares when restoring to the original parts. But what if the parts on the guitar are considered of a cheap variety and upgrading them will...
  3. nopea

    Duplicate Burny Serial Numbers?

    In my obsession to learn as much as I can about my guitars (it's a problem I have LOL o_O:cool:), I was digging around various posts and other sites about Burny guitars to try and see if I can learn more about mine, as it is not in the catalog so it is bit of a mystery. I came across a Reverb...
  4. nopea

    NGD - Score a Japanese Vintage?

    Last week I was browsing the local Ishibashi store's used section and found something that piqued my interest. I went back today and it was still there and after a play and an inspection it was on the way home with me. It wasn't a Les Paul however. :cool:;) I think I have scored what some may...
  5. nopea

    MIJ John Sykes Burny

    Hi folks, I am new to this forum, nice to be here. :cool: I thought I would start my first post with some info on a MIJ Burny John Sykes modal that I have recently picked up at a second hand shop for a steal of a price. From what I can tell it is a 1999 Dyna made guitar. It has the logo that...

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