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  1. Wrench66

    What paint on '02 copper top?

    You could put a drop of acetone somewhere inconspicuous and it will melt the nitro immediately, but I wouldn’t bother. All Gibson’s are nitro. And yes most, if not all, have a clear coat of nitro over the color coat. Beautiful guitar BTW. HNGD!
  2. Wrench66

    Marshall SC20H/HOLY CRAP!

    I've read through that thread before and found it very interesting and it should be a fun build. Had I saw that before I bought a Weber, I probably would have just built that one. Having said that, the Weber works really well with my 18 watt clone. I don't experience any negative effects on the...
  3. Wrench66

    The Stew-Mac experience; not what it used to be.

    Oh your post makes perfect sense. A company COULD provide decent customer service, but it’s cheaper and easier to just let the algorithm solve the problem for you…
  4. Wrench66

    New Gibson coming pre-scratched?

    This????? This is what all the hubbub is about??? Just play the damn thing! Its designed and built to make music, not be obsessed over.
  5. Wrench66

    The LesPaul Studio.

    Give this a read:
  6. Wrench66

    What are considered Clownbursts?

    Just buy and play what you like. Why care about what random internet people think?
  7. Wrench66

    Repairing small chip in binding - new guitar

    To the OP, If that really bothers you, I would suggest therapy.
  8. Wrench66

    How'd you break your headstock?

    I'd love to see pics of the whole guitar.
  9. Wrench66

    Les Paul Tribute vs epiphones

    My gold top tribute was only $1090 delivered to my door. Thats barely $200 more than the Epi. The choice would be abundantly clear to me.
  10. Wrench66

    Have any of you replaced a single receptacle in a nine pin socket?

    I did the exact same thing on my last amp build. I tried solder wick and a solder sucker but could not get the excess solder out. Finally gave up and replaced the tube socket.
  11. Wrench66

    1994 Gibson Studio Wine Red

    I’m not an expert on anything, especially Gibson guitars, but I’m gonna say you are way out on limb with the statements above.
  12. Wrench66

    New Gibson - QC issues?

    If you have to break out a magnifying glass to fine defects, then those are not defects. Board does look scaly, similar to my 2014 SG, but in a bit of play time you won’t be able to notice it. Just my opinion.
  13. Wrench66

    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    How much does it cost to produce a guitar in China, Japan, or Indonesia? I'll bet you don't know that either. So, if you don't know how much it actually cost to make a Gibson guitar at the Nashville plant, or the cost to produce a similar guitar in Asia, you must be pulling the "overpriced"...
  14. Wrench66

    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    So you know for a fact that the profits on, say a Les Paul Standard, are "exceedingly higher than the cost of production"? If, please enlighten me, what does it cost Gibson to produce a Les Paul Standard and what are the profits per guitar?
  15. Wrench66

    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    I’ve resisted. Posting in this thread for 15 friggin pages…. Guitars with blemishes get WAY more attention then guitars with no blemishes. Therefor you hear about them more. I’d wager a guess that the actual percentage of Gibsons that are returned for defects is probably less than 5%. Just a...
  16. Wrench66

    The LesPaul Studio.

    Here is my 2009 wine red studio. It is fully chambered and sounds and plays amazing.
  17. Wrench66

    Do you guy s Remember?

    Miss seeing those guys around. Always enjoyed reading their threads.
  18. Wrench66

    the marshall mg15 head

    Had a mg15 decades ago. Total garbage. Maybe they are better now, but mine was H O R R I B L E.
  19. Wrench66

    Let’s Talk Attenuators

    I’m using the Weber minimass with my 18 watt Marshall clone. I don’t really notice any tone suck at the volumes I play, but there are some affects if I turn it way down. I usually run the amp dimed on the normal channel. Sounds amazing to my ears. I’ve tried the same attenuator on three...
  20. Wrench66

    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    18 watt marshall clone and an attenuator gets me about 91 db peak. Also use a 5F1 clone at various volumes depending on what I’m going for. Also have a 5E3 type of thing I’ve made myself that sounds glorious cranked, but I usually use it as a pedal platform. Think the db is around upper 80s.

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