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  1. Wallied

    Some problem with a little sapwood how bad is it?

    You pretty much answered your own question; You've seen the color difference yourself. As for unifying the color, no, I don't think the traditional oil-based filler is going to even it out. There are three solutions I can give, though none are considered correct for a burst replica. 1) Do an...
  2. Wallied

    pickup placement

    There are millions of guitars with a 25.5 in scale and two humbuckers. Apart from those where the humbucker is split, I don't hear any strat-ness from them. Also, I'm from the camp that thinks the choice of wood and/or other materials plays a part in the tone and sustain. Ofc the difference...
  3. Wallied

    Were Gibson truss rods straight before 1960?

    Don't know about Gibson's other models, but AFAIK, the curved truss rod channels became a thing on LPs mid '60, and before that they were straight. And '61(?) they came up with the first SG and stopped making LPs.
  4. Wallied

    Idea follow-up for adjustable acoustic bridge.

    I'm not going to delve into this too deeply, and just stick to a few key points. The neccessity of being able to adjust a bridge. If you ask me, it's to suit the player's tastes. And if you know what the player wants and are capable of delivering, adjustability is no longer neccessary. Heck...
  5. Wallied

    Best stain for mahogany

    Wet the surface, let dry, sand with 240/whatever your last grit is, moisten the surface and stain. This should reduce blothing with water dyes. And of course you can tone it down and even out by rubbing with a damp cloth. And don't forget the endgrain is going to soak more of the color than the...
  6. Wallied

    hi folks,pickups never see,anyone knows what is this!

    To me it just looks like a house-made bobbin singlecoil, "just" missing the coil. And from the bridge, I'm guessing we're dealing with something exotic, far east most likely? Further identification is difficult without pics of the whole instrument. Regards, Will
  7. Wallied

    WTF binding woes..

    Need to be more careful about heating celluloid, as it's flammamble. Celluloid is also softer and tends to bend easier than abs, which makes it generally easier to use. For pre-laminated binding, I'd personally go for the celluloid, as I usually run into fewer problems doing sharper bends with...
  8. Wallied

    My 1st Guitar Build: A Les Paul... (duh)!

    I assume you mean the back roundover. If so, then 3/16 is the correct one. For the truly anally retentive, it should be altered slightly by sanding afterwards. I think Tom Bartlett's build includes this, as does Gil Yaron's. That's minor, though. To be "historically correct", yes, it needs to...
  9. Wallied

    Help with colors and finishing

    Can sadly take years, at least here in the cold north :eek2: and I guess Rob would like to get the finishing done sooner than later, at least I would:hmm: If it were me, and I was somehow talked into doing a pretty classic tobaccoburst on somebody else's walnut guitar, I'd go with a 2-part wood...
  10. Wallied

    Fat neck Les Paul build

    Out of curiosity, how did you go about modelling the top contours, Peter? I made my model a few years back based on the Bartlett plans and Scott's carve templates, and back then I did most of the work on the top in Solidworks by lofting, followed by some surface knitting and a bunch of...
  11. Wallied

    Help with colors and finishing

    Well, about the smell of the thinners... Some rare people, myself included, enjoy the smell. I guess it's like if you enjoy the smell of solvents and spirits in general, then you'll like this one as well. Most people don't though, and this one is both strong, and long lasting. I'm not the best...
  12. Wallied

    Help with colors and finishing

    I'm not going to try to talk you out of this, and just give you some tips. First, the finishing product. Limited space and equipment mostly means, as you guessed, spray cans or prevals. Bursts can be done by hand, but I wouldn't suggest you to do one as a first project. And since you're aching...
  13. Wallied

    Saving a poorly glued maple top

    So we're apparently dealing with "rotational" misalignment. If you want to redo the joint, you'll be more succesful with steam than just heat, and I suggest you try that before planing the top thinner. In my personal experience, the added labor of opening the joint is better than the reduced...
  14. Wallied

    bridge location

    I know I would ;)
  15. Wallied

    bridge location

    This post by Jack Briggs is one that explains one way to do it by measuring. Cheers, Will
  16. Wallied

    Honduran and african wood sourcing in EU

    Last I checked, the EU is pretty much considered one country by the CITES, so the trade restrictions don't affect us as long as the material stays inside the union. Even so, I would (and do) refrain from buying real brrw or honduran mahogany for morality reasons, even if you're offered the...
  17. Wallied

    Howdy pardners! Know a decent clearcoat for metal?

    I might be wrong, but I think clear powder doesn't work too well on it's own, and needs a base coat to work properly. Like Who suggested, I'd go with a normal clear, like a 2k poly. Actually, a paste wax would work and need to be reapplied very seldom, but this is of course something clients...
  18. Wallied

    what do you builders think it would cost to....

    The binding makes this an even more tedious (and expensive) ordeal. I'd say take what it cost to mod that sunburst-finished one, and multiply by 1.5 Personally, I wouldn't even take that gig, if asked. Too much that could go wrong, bereaving me of the wad of cash I'd have to charge. But good...
  19. Wallied

    Timelapse of CNC Milling a Strat

    Knowing you do a lot of CNC work, Peter, I've got to ask: How do you not know how fast you're feeding? It's as simple as opening a .nc file in notepad and zooming through the lines for a common feed value.
  20. Wallied

    Suggestions for next hand plane

    I use by far a 5 1/2 the most. It does guitar-scale jointing just fine, works well as a smoother (though needs some throat adjustment with difficult woods) and is a charm to use with a shooting board. A jack of all trades for sure, but needs adjusting when switching operations. You're being...

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