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  1. marksoundguitars

    Forget all the other crap, when can I wash my truck?

    It pisses me off no end that every time I wash my white pickup it rains the next day, then I get the stupid backwash from the idiot road warriors going in both directions when I have to go to work. So now it's been nice for a few days, but there's a chance of rain this weekend. I hate seeing my...
  2. marksoundguitars

    Shatner Live and TWOK Screening

    Wife and I saw Shatner live last night after a screening of Wrath of Khan. The venue was ok, lots of "bigheadsumbitches" blocking my view of the screen. Whatever. I've seen the movie a hundred times since 1982, give or take. A local radio guy was assigned to do the Q&A after the movie. He was...
  3. marksoundguitars

    MCU Infinity Saga rewatch

    I have a couple weeks off through the holidays, so I'm rewatching the entire Infinity Saga, in "chronological order." 1) Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) 2) Captain Marvel (2019) 3) Iron Man (2008) 4) Iron Man 2 (2010) 5) The Incredible Hulk (2008) 6) Thor (2011) 7) The Avengers...
  4. marksoundguitars

    Meanwhile, in Nash Vegas ...

    Last Sunday night we got to see Chris Scruggs & the Stone Fox Five, featuring Kenny Vaughan. I don't think they played anything newer than from about 1955. Got to spend a little time talking to Kenny. Nice guy, we know some of the same people. Guess who was in the club and got up to sing...
  5. marksoundguitars

    Alabama in Tulsa last night

    I was a huge fan in the 80s. Saw them in about '85 in Norman, tremendous show. They were at the top of their game. It was just the four boys, playing their hits, giving all they had. Fast forward 30-some years, and decided to go to Tulsa to see them again. Another great show, but some...
  6. marksoundguitars

    Caveat Emptor

    This guitar body is NOT mahogany. It's northern ash, as requested by the original customer. Don't let someone BS you into thinking it's something it's not. I've answered a ton of emails about this guitar built in 2013. It was a PITA then, and it continues to be a PITA. Buy it if you want, but...
  7. marksoundguitars

    Marksound Guitars customer pics

    A collection of customer pics from coast to coast and around the world. :cheers2:
  8. marksoundguitars

    X-Tone PA-1: Info?

    A couple of years ago I bought an X-Tone PA-1 semi-solid body acoustic guitar. I'd never heard of them until I found this one, but it's basically the same as the electric version with a flat top and sans humbuckers. It had a compensated nut (that had the high E slot broken). It plays nice and...
  9. marksoundguitars

    Lexington Lab Band

    Just stumbled across this today. The Boston covers are really good. Some of the others too, and some not so much. But it's worth spending some time watching.
  10. marksoundguitars

    Marksound Guitars Work in Progress

    First round of clear, urethane on this one. ____________________ I have a couple of extra bodies up for grabs. Here's what I'm thinking: Really heavy solid mahogany T, double bound, routed for P90s, has a faux F hole. I like the old L series style burst, adapted to this body style...
  11. marksoundguitars

    The Pearly Shakes

    I'm a big ZZ Top fan and Pearly is at the top of my list of favorite guitars. Since I'm more of a finisher than a wood cutter, I bought an inexpensive husk. I've built a couple of these before, and knew pretty much what to expect. I decided to mix my own grainfiller based on Gil Yaron's...
  12. marksoundguitars


    What do you guys use for grainfiller? I've done a bunch of F style guitars, used several different grain fillers, and never been satisfied with any of them. I'm new to the LP side of things, so I want to get it right. After re-reading Gil Yaron's thread on that other forum it got me...
  13. marksoundguitars

    Marksound Guitars Big Head S Style

    I built this guitar for myself a few years ago as a tribute to my first good electric guitar, a big-head Strat that I bought new in 1981. It captures that vibe, but with a fast neck and better hardware and electronics. $699 OBO
  14. marksoundguitars

    Marksound 2017 Aged Pink Paisley T

    FOR SALE: Marksound Aged Pink Paisley T style, from the Boutique on a Budget Series. Alder body w/ nitro clear coats. WD licensed neck, what I call a "beefy C" shape. Kluson split post tuners, Wilkinson compensated vintage style bridge. Alnico V pickups, flush pole at the bridge. Standard 3 way...
  15. marksoundguitars

    Paisleys and stuff in progress

    Got a week off the day job, so it's time to catch up on a couple of projects that have been neglected or on hold. This Aged Pink body has been back-burnered since last September, can't remember why. Hardware and pickups ordered. It should be ready to fly by Monday. Top bound, natural back...
  16. marksoundguitars

    My first cherry sunburst finish

    Preface: I'm not a luthier, I'm a builder and finisher. If this is the wrong place, sorry. A couple of years ago I did a gold top finish on a Precision kit for a customer. Then the LP bug bit and I bought an unfinished husk and did a gold top for myself. Then I decided I'd like to try a...
  17. marksoundguitars

    Marksound Guitars

    Hey folks, I'm new here and learning to navigate the forums. I'd like to introduce some of my work and what I can offer. I specialize in paisley finishes, along with flakes and custom colors. I do paisley pickguards in colors available nowhere else. I can finish kits, and if you like, assemble...
  18. marksoundguitars

    Introduction overdue

    I've been hanging around for a bit but I always forget to introduce myself. Some might know me from other places around the web. I specialize in paisley finishes, but I do a little bit of everything. Recently I got the LP bug so I picked up a couple of husks and got busy. First, a goldtop to...

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