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  1. PeteK

    What's your choice for your last meal?

    You get one last meal before you die. What are you gonna choose? Personally, I'm going with a nice marbled ribeye steak, cooked medium rare. A side of my mom's thanksgiving green bean casserole and a baked sweet potato. I'll wash it down with a tall, frosty glass of a very dark beer (Iron...
  2. PeteK

    The look on David Gilmour's drummer's face....

    I mean, it's Gilmour and probably the greatest guitar solo ever and Steve DiStanislao has played drums with Gilmour for years and years. But look at his face during the Live at Pompeii concert. He's totally friggin diggin it man! He's probably played that song with him thousands of times and...
  3. PeteK

    Your kids are gonna love it....

    The Youtube algorithm was kind to me this morning. I enjoyed this one:
  4. PeteK

    I don't know why this is a thing, but Barbie Jeep Downhill racing is pretty funny!

    The YouTube algorithm blessed me this morning. I found this to be pretty funny. Plus in the middle they are like "Hey, let's get some of them big titty girls to run down this hill topless!". Gotta love rednecks. :laugh2:
  5. PeteK

    Ugh. Horrible stomach ache

    The last year or so I have been getting these random stomach aches that are pretty severe. Today is the worst one I've had.i couldn't sleep one wink last night it was so bad. I went to the doctor last time I had one and they did some blood work and checked for a hernia and whatever. Basically...
  6. PeteK

    The Wheel of Time trailer

    Man I'm looking forward to this! I've read all 14 of the books, and they ain't short reads! I have high hopes that Amazon can pull this off and so far, what I've seen looks pretty awesome! I really hope this one catches on since there is a ton of source material. :dude:
  7. PeteK

    Lost hiker ignores calls from rescuers because they didn't recognize the phone number

    Hiker missing on Colorado trail ignored calls from rescuers ( Idiot of the week. This cracks me up. They were lost, had cell signal, but ignored incoming calls because they were from an unknown number :laugh2:
  8. PeteK

    Lame. Can't watch the Seattle Kraken season opener tonight without ESPN

    Super lame. I had hoped being a new team that the local networks would be airing Kraken games but nope. Tonight's season opener is only on ESPN. I'm not signing up for another damn $6.99 channel. Ever fucking network has their own streaming service now and they all want $6.99 a month...
  9. PeteK

    The Wheel of Time trailer

    Nerd boner! I loved the book series. It got a bit slow around book 8 or 9, but i really enjoyed the entire series. Amazon looks like they are doing a good job with adapting it to the screen. Trailer looked good! I'm looking forward to it!
  10. PeteK

    The weirdest thing you'll hear today

    I have no words to describe this. It's weird and horrible and awesome all at the same time. :laugh2:
  11. PeteK

    Metallica "The Black List"

    Anyone heard of this project? Supposed to be released next month. Basically a bunch of artists covering Metallica songs from the black album. I heard of it from this pretty good cover of Nothing Else Matters by Chris Stapleton. and this weird but kind of cool version of Sad But True and...
  12. PeteK

    Steven Seagal

    This had me laughing pretty damn hard. Even in his prime, he was extremely douchey, but Seagal is still out there making awful movies. These guys critique of the "Goatee era Seagal" was pretty funny :laugh2:
  13. PeteK

    If you're gonna go to a concert holding that sign.....

    Come to fucking play! KISS guy brought the fire! What a cool moment! I think he even melted his own face off! :laugh2: :dude:
  14. PeteK

    What is the purpose of the mesh in men's swimsuits?

    Is it just to shred your nutsack? Seems like that's all it does. It doesn't really offer any support or hold anything in place. I don't dry off and faster with them. But boy howdy if you sit wrong when you are wearing them, you'll know it in a hurry! Good lord i about neutered myself! I...
  15. PeteK

    More air conditioning issues

    So just before the gates of hell opened here in Washington, my air conditioner decided to shit the bed. We decided to get a whole new system. Had a hell of a time finding anyone to install it since this heatwave apparently killed a lot of people's ac. We find one, and they are weeks out. So...
  16. PeteK

    1980's Rally Group B was insane!

    This episode of The Grand Tour was very well done. I had sort of heard of the golden era of rally and the "Group B madness", but it was before my time so I never really saw it. So it was cool to see this look into the Audi vs Lancia battle in the 80's. Very great documentary.
  17. PeteK

    OK, which MLP member is writing for the New York Times? Crazy story about eels hunting on land, but come on, that headline is straight out of the Backstage!
  18. PeteK

    The drones will hunt you by the sound of your screams!

    Scientists are teaching drones to hunt down human screams ( :eek2: Yeah, sorry. I'm not buying your bs explanation that it's to help you if you are trapped under a pile of rubble. Skynet is going to be made self aware any day now. Nice knowing you all! :eek2:
  19. PeteK

    I can't believe I need to ask this...

    But what happens when a bunch of sand goes down a bathtub drain? Long story short, my kids are hellions and a bunch of sand ended up in the bathtub. A fair amount went down the drain before I knew about it. Now the tub drains really slow and draino doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions...
  20. PeteK

    Colter Wall

    I heard Rogan talking about this dude. I usually don't care for country music, but I looked this guy up and am really digging his music. If you've never heard him, you should check him out. He's only 25! Sounds like a grizzled old man. The youtube comments on all his videos are hilarious...

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