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  1. ThinLizzy789


    Hi haven't been on in over a year. Not sure where to post this but searching for a nice cream pick guard for my black cherry Epi 1960 Les Paul Tribute Plus.....Actually and a black one for my brother's Gibson tobacco Les Paul Standard. thanks for any leads cheers good people :wave:
  2. ThinLizzy789

    You Asked For Pics of my LP 1960 Trib

    Hi Guys many of you asked for pics to see the beauty of my new 1960 LP Tribute so here it is. In the next bunch I'll show the flaws.
  3. ThinLizzy789


    I'd just to make this brief and to the point. Thanks to ALL of you rushing out to help me (the drummer guy) trying to keep it together though I feel like tossing my Epi outta the window at times. It's all strange and new with many stringing methods and techniques. I appreciate your time...
  4. ThinLizzy789

    Grover Locking Tuner Dilemma,Will This Clip Be the Solution?

    I read the instructions that came with my Epiphone Tribute Plus LP and a few links some of you good people have sent me to view. All confuse the hell out of me and it appears you must wrap the string around the post under the string and back over and lot of other ways. I saw this ,is it...
  5. ThinLizzy789

    Gonna Do It Finally

    After all the hesitation and questions I am about to change my damn strings for new ones on my LP Tribute Plus. After gooping it with oil and stuff I am gonna risk removing all strings at once to finally clean the fretboard. Hope it won't take long,I don't fancy paying for a neck adjustment or...
  6. ThinLizzy789

    Can You Do This?

    Didn't I read about someone stringing their new LP Tribute as if its a regular electric without locking tuners? So multiple windings? I'm sure I did and they said it held it's tuning amazingly well! Sorry but I'm still learning
  7. ThinLizzy789

    Fave Band/Group that Play Les Pauls?

    Do any of you have a particular favourite group who play Les Paul guitars? I certainly do and I think my avatar gives that one away lol :cool:
  8. ThinLizzy789

    Have I Ruined My Guitar?

    I've had a lot of tuning issues with past electrics.I have had a Fender Bullet Strat, Ibanez Jem type Strat with Floyd Rose tuners,Japanese shorter scale Strat,Epi Les Paul Custom plus and now this new Les Paul Tribute Plus.I do not hit the strings hard. I managed to record part of a song with...
  9. ThinLizzy789

    Can Current Serial Numbers Be Traced?

    Not sure if someone already mentioned this probably,but I just want to see where tracing my new serial number may lead me ..... Anyone know where I can do this? Did it with my old LP from 2008,but it never worked with the new number....... thanks for any leads :)
  10. ThinLizzy789

    Fretboard Polish Yes or No?

    Hey guys being sort of new here and one of those nuts that keeps ALL his gear in pristine shape as long as I'm able I have a question or 70 lol. How many of you condition your rosewood fretboards? what do you use,and how often?. I've heard and read about anything and everything being used from...
  11. ThinLizzy789

    Most Ridiculous Question On MLP?

    Hey guys you will think I'm a total moron but I have to ask. This is geared to those Epiphone players who have the newer Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus models. I'm not one bit used to changing strings being a drummer first LOL however these new Grover locking tuners without the thumb wheel on...
  12. ThinLizzy789

    Hi From Canada

    Hi everyone been on here about 1 week don't think I introduced myself properly. Love lots of musical styles though huge on Classic Rock,Prog Rock,etc. Guitar is not my first instrument so forgive me if I ask some naive questions. I do love guitars though and Les Pauls are my fave electric of...
  13. ThinLizzy789

    New Les Paul 1960s Advice

    Been a big fan of Epi since my last Les Paul Custom Plus I traded in a few days ago for a new Les Paul 1960s Tribute in Black Cherry (and some extra $) Not being the luckiest guy in the world as soon as it came outta the case there were problems. It looks wicked but I found the neck pickup...

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