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  1. Mockbel

    I'm a watch guy now

    My last purchase… just today :applause:
  2. Mockbel

    I'm a watch guy now

    Oh you got a Speedy !!! Congratulations
  3. Mockbel

    Men vs. Women

    Hello Came across this on FB today… a picture taken in heavy rain we had a couple of weeks ago… the difference in reaction between the man and woman is hilarious !!!’
  4. Mockbel

    Joined a gym today

    Brilliant really… I am trying to put myself in the mood again to go to gym but so far I can’t… last time I really was on gym discipline was back in 2005.. Since that time I couldn’t get in that mood again.. I made few come backs since then but none of them lasted more than few weeks.. I still...
  5. Mockbel

    Too many Les Paul's?....blasphemy, I say there's never enough Les Pauls one can own...

    I have only 2 and not GASing for another Les Paul at the moment
  6. Mockbel

    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    It is beautiful Congratulations
  7. Mockbel

    Metallica with Miley Cyrus, here you go, enjoy.

    Really best description of her voice…
  8. Mockbel

    Metallica with Miley Cyrus, here you go, enjoy.

    She ruined the song, didn’t she?
  9. Mockbel

    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    Something with P90
  10. Mockbel

    Pickup swap for Epi Explorer

    Not looking for the hottest… I am a big fan of JB and have in two of my superstrats… I want something a bit hotter and I believe Distortion is meeting this criteria
  11. Mockbel

    Pickup swap for Epi Explorer

    Hi friends I want to replace the stock pickups of my recently purchased Epi Explorer…stock pickups are Epiphone ProBucker or something like that… they call it “vintage “ but I would call it “too weak” for what I got this guitar for.. I want to play heavy stuff (i.e metal) on this guitar...
  12. Mockbel

    490R / 498T appreciation thread

    I put a 498T on my Horizon Ltd for a while and was pretty good for “metal” tones.. I used it with a Seymour Duncan Jazz in neck and they made a good match.. I switched this guitar back to stock EMG just for versatility.. I am still considering a 498T for my new Epi Explorer
  13. Mockbel

    Post your historic goldtops!

    The full collection… we’ve got a winner here :)
  14. Mockbel

    Thirty years ago there was no HTML

    Few highlights from my side: 1- My first internet access was through a shared dial up account.. my friends and I used to have a schedule when each of us can access the internet 2- I was under the impression that “hotmail” is just for “hot” chat 3- I didn’t know that porn websites exist 4- I...
  15. Mockbel

    Help identifying famous 1970s guitarists who played Les Paul Customs?

    Cool thread… but at OP once I read Randy Rhodes I was done.. If Randy played a Custom in the 70’s that’s enough to say that Gibson Custom rocked the 70’s :)
  16. Mockbel

    Should I??

    Yes, exposing this seller is the least he deserves. However, I wonder why you don’t have any protection or right to ask for a full refund and return the guitar
  17. Mockbel

    NGD: Epiphone Explorer

    Something in between.. it is nothing like my Trad or R8 Les Pauls which have big 50’s neck but it is also totally different than my Strats or Superstrats.. I can’t call it a “fast” neck
  18. Mockbel

    2019 R8 REFRET

    Not an easy decision as people may think… for me, I wouldn’t do that.. I would replace the whole guitar instead
  19. Mockbel

    NGD: Epiphone Explorer

    Got a hardcase for it as well :applause: Epiphone hardcase

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