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  1. Phil W

    PG Mystery Stocking 2021

  2. Phil W

    jokes & funnies.

    To which the average kid would reply: "That's SO cool! Can I have a go?"
  3. Phil W

    What was so good about the early 90s?

    & Soundgarden ... !
  4. Phil W

    Anyone who plays heavy gauge strings needs punched in the mouth

    My Martin D28 Modern Deluxe was factory fitted with 13s and is easy to play. My Les Paul 1959 Reissue was factory fitted with 10s and is easy to play. My mouth will resist punching in both cases. Was this fool banned ... ? I can't trawl 75 pages to find out.
  5. Phil W

    May be Time for Solo ART/POETRY album

    We hope you like our new direction ...
  6. Phil W

    What kind of old guy will you be?

  7. Phil W

    Define the word "fun"

    Was he washing his "face and hands" naked?!
  8. Phil W

    Wonder what that was all about.

    Oh they're going somewhere ... :cool:
  9. Phil W

    Bye Bye Reverb

    I saw the title and was about to shout: NO!!! Reverb is great ... DON'T sell your pedals/amps!!! I am corrected ... :facepalm:
  10. Phil W

    Are you color blind?

    Very much so ... Mercy Muroki - GBNews
  11. Phil W

    Your favorite torch song.

  12. Phil W

    Not The Beatles! But kind of close.

  13. Phil W

    What's your choice for your last meal?

    Radioactive spider ...
  14. Phil W

    jokes & funnies.

  15. Phil W

    jokes & funnies.

    Look ... I started this ... I ME MINE !!!
  16. Phil W

    jokes & funnies.

    Oh no ... Two of us!
  17. Phil W

    jokes & funnies.

    Just let it be!!!
  18. Phil W

    So what'cha cooking this week?

    Plots ...
  19. Phil W

    jokes & funnies.

    George's chariot awaits him ... the Jetson One!
  20. Phil W

    Where are all the good heroes?

    "It can't rain all the time!"

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