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  1. 2009LPGT

    Sheptone Tribute PAF set w/ PG mod

    Sheptone Tribute set with Peter Green mod. Insanely accurate PAF humbuckers! I have used these for about 5 years and was ready for a change. The nickle covers have some real world "aging" but still look really nice. I have no idea what color the bobbins are underneath. $150 shipped and PP'd, no...
  2. 2009LPGT

    Fishman Fluence and Zexcoils - One man's journey! :)

    I acquired a new Strat recently and have been using it as an excuse to try a couple of the newer offerings in noiseless SC pups. The SCNs had one quality that I liked but they were not the right choice for me. My old Strat has had Fender Vintage Noiseless for about 10 years. I have always...
  3. 2009LPGT

    FS - Gibson Classis 57 PUPs

    2 Gibson Classic 57 PUPS with mounting rings. One measures 7.78 ohms and the other measures 7.69. One has miles of lead and the other has about 6 inches. The covers look to be in great shape with the odd light scratch hear or there but no dents or ugliness!! $115 for both shipped and pp'd to USA
  4. 2009LPGT

    NGD and NAD!!!

    Ok, we I have had these for a couple of days now but just getting to this thread (I have been playing!) The story starts with an Gibson ES-335 and my birthday. I had the 335 for the last few years, very nice guitar but I hate it! I wanted to like it but it it just is not for me. It was a heavy...
  5. 2009LPGT

    Rewind JPP Post72s pups & wiring - SOLD!!

    Here is a complete Rewind Post72s Set. The neck (8.2 ohm) is a PAF and the Bridge is a T-Top (7.8 ohm) type. Both are specifically voiced to get that Post 1972 Jimmy Page tone that emanates from his #1. Also included is a Rewind wiring harness with vintage caps matched by James to compliment the...
  6. 2009LPGT

    Faber Tone-Loc Kit and iNsert Studs install and tone observations

    So this week I finally made this change from my stock Tone Pros Nashville Bridge and tail piece to the Faber kit. I use “change” because “upgrade” is over used and subjective. I am not a fan of the look of the Nashville Bridge but have always appreciated its function. But...
  7. 2009LPGT

    Creamtone Plastics and my 09 Standard

    So I was not too happy with the pinkish plastics on my 09 Standard. So I started poking around and found these from Creamtone on eBay for $34. I am happy with the change and the plastic is made in the US and of decent quality! But now I need a poker chip!! Oh no affiliation, just sharin'...
  8. 2009LPGT

    PAFs - So I read that...

    ...A4 magnets were the most frequently used magnets in PAF pups in the 50's. I mean, as we know, they also used A2, A3 and A5 magnets, but the A4s appear the most in PAFs (according to the piece I read.) Apparently by 60-61 the A5 had become the settled on recipe. So I guess in this whole PAF...
  9. 2009LPGT

    Epi Black Beauty - what pups?

    What pups come in the current Epi Black Beauty? Is it the A5 Classic deals?
  10. 2009LPGT

    Is the 2013 SG Standard more balanced - less "neck dive?"

    So no SGs in this town to check out. I may order one but are the newer SGs less prone to neck dive or do they still carry that quirky characteristic? Also, if I lean toward a heavier example, that should help the balance issue shouldn't it? I mean the extra ounces are likely in the body not...
  11. 2009LPGT

    My Bearfoot FX tourbox review

    This is a repost of the review I wrote for the TGP Bearfoot tour box. I used an LP so I though it appropriate to post it here as well, and of course, for my PAS bros!:thumb: Ok, I really got a chance to put these through their paces last night so, while it is fresh in my head, here is my...
  12. 2009LPGT

    Thoughts on Leslie Sims and Mini Vent review

    Leslie simulation pedals seem to be gaining more focus latey. Why? Leslie speakers are an organic, awesome sounding modulation, but they are big, bulky, expensive and maintenance intensive. They are definitely a chore to get to and from the gig. However, when you are in the room and plugged into...
  13. 2009LPGT

    Happy Birthday Austin!!

    You said you wanted a thread for your birthday, here it is!! :thumb: Eat some cake, get amped up on sugar and play the knobs off those new pedals ya young whipper snapper!!:thumb::laugh2::laugh2::wave:
  14. 2009LPGT

    Dang, we are closing in on 2014, the 60th anniversary of the Strat!!

    Man I can't believe that 10 years has almost past since the 50th anniversary of the Stratocaster already! I was thinking about it because I ran across my copy of the 2004 Frontline introducing the 50th anniversary Strats and started doing the math (glad to see my first grade skills are still in...
  15. 2009LPGT

    Pedal Blowout! Boss / Line 6

    Clearing out pedals that I like but never seem to use. All prices include shipping (USA) and paypal. No trades. I ship fast! Boss PS-5 Super Shifter – excellent condition, no Velcro - SOLD Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator – Exc Cond., no Velcro, has box & ppwk - $60 Boss PH-2 Super...
  16. 2009LPGT

    NGD Very rare MIM FSR!

    So this is a 2008 Fender FSR Western Tele. They have the blonde ash body, 4 position switch wiring, "Texas Tele" pups which kinda blow to be honest, probably the stock, low value pots don't help, and a more modern neck. This one has ridiculously well dressed frets! There were 250 made and they...
  17. 2009LPGT

    NPD - Nocturne Atomic Brain = Secret Sauce!!

    Well, I picked up my Atomic Brain at the Post Office and got to play it for a few hours. All I can say is "baby, where have you been for the last quarter of a century??!!" I was not really expecting much. I have had boosts before, most of them do nothing for me. The Beano Boost is fantastic but...
  18. 2009LPGT

    Source for string guides

    Does anyone know a source for string guides like the ones on this Moderne head stock?
  19. 2009LPGT

    NGD - Fender Antigua Tele!

    I went to the local shop on Saturday to look at a Tele. My wife was going to buy me a new one (my second) for Christmas (she’s getting an iPad.) Anyway, I was 90% set on a La Cabronita until the manager said “psst, look at this one!” He had set the Antigua aside for himself but he purchased a...
  20. 2009LPGT

    NPD - Wampler Ego Comp - "Here comes the bride!"

    Well gents, throw me a bachelor party, I’m gettin’ hitched!! This is THE compressor of my wet dreams! It is easily the most inspiring box I have purchased since my King of Tone. Everything about it is just so musical. It makes my strat dance and sing! However, it’s funny how two twins can...

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