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  1. chef

    Fralin PAF ?

    I had some installation questions and a missing part in some Sperzel tuners so I called. Bob Sperzel's wife answered the phone and went to go find Bob who all my questions and sent me the part I needed (a screw). Such a nice guy and super apologetic about a missing screw that may not have even...
  2. chef

    Blues Jr ... which one ?

    Not to dissuade you from a blues JR, but I love my pro jr. through external cabs, a much more simple amp so add pedals to taste.
  3. chef

    From 10's to 13's

    “Use the search feature” At lest he used the search function to file in appropriate thread.
  4. chef

    NAD Ceriatone OTS 20 Mini kit

    Nice amp, now all you need is some black goop on the board to complete the real D-sounds.
  5. chef

    Wireless Systems? Need Advice

    I have a sure DLXG4 system that I use for guitar and bass, very transparent and has a handy gain adjustment to tune gain staging.
  6. chef

    Any HVAC experts with Google Nest thermostat experience

    Check out page 13 of this Pro Installation Guide from google/nest. "The Nest Power Connector is a simple, easy-to-install C-wire substitute for Nest thermostats. It allows the thermostat to access power through the existing thermostat wiring without pulling new wires. And it requires only one...
  7. chef

    Any HVAC experts with Google Nest thermostat experience

    I've done something similar to what's mentioned in this article to add a 24V power source to a thermostat. You could get a custom wound 120V->24V Mercury Magnetics step-down transformer. ;)
  8. chef

    Incoming Vibrochamp clone.

    HNAD. Enjoy it. You end up with a R or a Q speaker? I've tried both but ended up with a Q which can handle 40W, and later breakup/cleaner.
  9. chef

    Incoming Vibrochamp clone.

    A great speaker, and mine smoothed out considerably over time and playing moderately loud.. Also it's a fairly inefficient speaker, so it'll keep your overall volume down...
  10. chef

    Just Bought a "Demo" off Gibsons Demo Shop

    I'd at least save the red rings, that could appeal to someone (way) down the road as a "Fine example of a post Henry J. Era LP harkening back to the 'it's possible we did anything guitars' Norlin Era guitars however this one has a NFT certificate of being one of only six shipped from the factory...
  11. chef

    I bought a 4x12"

    I almost bought a 4x12 to harvest a speaker or two and sell the empty cab and two speakers for about the cost of the loaded cab.
  12. chef

    USB mic vs standard mic + audio interface.

    I'd recommend getting a simple interface and mic your cab. I have had good results with both an Audix i5 (close to the grill) and a Rode NT1 (about a foot out). I can record both simultaneously and mix to taste. I had a usb mic and for the reasons mentioned above it did not make good guitar...
  13. chef

    LOST AND FOUND.. the one from this thread
  14. chef


    * Denotes sarcasm, this shade is easier to read lol.
  15. chef


    That was my Dumble I sent in for a SS preamp to tube preamp conversion.
  16. chef

    Price premium for CS LP Custom over USA Custom?

    2003 should still be Ebony, because my 2006 still was. richlite came later and I think only for a few years. Are you talking about a "modern spec" custom, e.g. 490/498, ebony etc or a historical custom shop custom such as the '68 mentioned above? I bought my custom second hand as a player for...
  17. chef

    Mixing with one monitor?

    My experience with owning monitors is 8" is great and gives full neutral bass, 5" is good too but a definite roll off on bass.
  18. chef

    How to get good stereo sound from Computer?

    My (previously) recorded guitar (and bass, and drum and keyboard) sounds come from the speakers, and my "live" guitar sound comes from my amp. I think 100W stereo amp with some decent speakers probably sufficient to keep up with your amp, I didn't have said setup handy so I got some monitors...
  19. chef

    How to get good stereo sound from Computer?

    I have a pair of M-Audio BX8 monitors. They can keep up with my practicing at reasonably loud volumes. 5" monitors didn't cut it for this. I have from 1x10 to 2x12" I play through. Also consider speaker placement, to get the maximum from any combination, but in my experience 8" speaker is key.
  20. chef

    Get a load of this ML apparel!

    Is Henry back?

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