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  1. Foo for Thought

    NSD: New Strat Day

    I am primarily a Strat player (oh the horror). I snagged a decent deal on a Miami Blue American Professional I had on my watch list on Reverb, so I figured it was time to upgrade from my American Professional. Here's a family portrait of my meager collection. My camera sucks at capturing the...
  2. Foo for Thought

    Belated NGD and a question

    I picked up a used 2019 Satin Ice Tea Les Paul Tribute a while back from Guitar Center online. My local store sucks, but the GC return policy for online purchases is pretty hard to beat. Plus, I had a lot better luck finding what I considered a decent price used at GC then I did on Reverb...
  3. Foo for Thought

    Katana peeps, where do you go for patches?

    I did a quick search and didn't find much. I downloaded what was available from Tone Central and played around a bit with those. I wouldn't mind exploring what's out there in terms of patches for my Strat and my LP tribute. Any suggestions for go to sites?
  4. Foo for Thought

    Hey everybody!

    I've been lurking and learning, and figured it was time to join. I've always wanted to learn how to play guitar. This year I finally got off my butt and started doing it. For me, at least something good will come from 2020! My gear set up is nothing fancy. I primarily (attempt) to play a...

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