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  1. Ed B

    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    I'm usually put off by out-takes and things on these box sets. I was gifted the Imagine - Ultimate Collection CD's. Disc 3, Raw Studio Mixes are AMAZING. I wouldn't have bought this assuming it was a money grab, I was wrong. Makes me rethink these. I'm going to have to check out Abbey...
  2. Ed B

    They're after Dave Chappelle again.

    I watched The Closer last night. It's great! I've been a huge fan of Chappelle for a long time. Every type of person could find a reason to be upset at his comedy. Most don't. Life will go on. I hope he cripples the cancel culture.
  3. Ed B

    The video game thread.

    Agreed, epic game.
  4. Ed B

    The video game thread.

    Odyssey is a different level from I was used to with AC games. The addition of the Cult and that type of structure was so much fun. I was happy to see Vahalla has the same type of thing. Haven't gotten that one yet, but plan to when Odyssey gets boring. I liked Black Flag but I did get...
  5. Ed B

    The video game thread.

    Oh wow, Onimusha is a blast from the past. Good stuff.
  6. Ed B

    The video game thread.

    I think you’re right. I read that you can play by yourself. I might be checking this out soon. If I do I’ll report back.
  7. Ed B


    I remember it like it was yesterday. It doesn't take much to invoke tears when thinking about that day. I'll never forget. And always mourn this day.
  8. Ed B


    Worth it.
  9. Ed B

    The video game thread.

  10. Ed B

    The video game thread.

    I haven't tried it. I dismissed it thinking it was co-op play. I'm a loner, a rebel.
  11. Ed B

    The video game thread.

    It's been so long that I completely forgot about the intro. It was slow, but I guess it didn't bother me much. I too, absolutely love this game. I've heavily considered playing it all over again. I just can't stop playing AC Odyssey. I'm at the mindless fun point. I mute the game and crank...
  12. Ed B

    And now for the real news

    Life must not be treating him well.
  13. Ed B

    Kensington Philadelphia The real world Zombieland

    It's real bad. My high school was blocks from K&A. It's a different world around there now. There was an IG page called "@kensingtonbeach" that showed this stuff in detail. It's hard to watch most of the vids he posted. It's been disabled.
  14. Ed B

    New Rowboat

    Beautiful. I need to live on a lake.
  15. Ed B

    No one talks about the important stuff anymore

    3/8 is where it's at. 1 1/2 is like throwing a hotdog in a hallway.
  16. Ed B

    Counting Crows

    I love the Counting Crows. They were just close by, but the date didn't work out. Wish I could have gone.
  17. Ed B

    What food for gaining weight?

    Soda and other sugar filled drinks are the backbone of all obesity. Add that to every single meal and you'll outgrow you closet in no time
  18. Ed B

    Penny Dreadful

    I loved it as well.
  19. Ed B

    Paul Bernardo parole hearing today

    If he lived in Philly he'd get paroled.
  20. Ed B

    The video game thread.

    That's great! I finished Days Gone. Absolutely loved it. Man, I was so scared of those damn hoards. :rofl: I'm currently pretty deep into AC Odyssey. Loving this one too. I agree with you guys. GOT ruined things for combat. Speaking of Ghost. If any of you guys are UFC fans you may...

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