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  1. Wraptail

    Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos Endorsing Tyson Tone! Stoked to announce Cesar Rosas from Los Lobos is now a Tyson Tone Endorsing artist! Here's a pic of us chatting backstage last weekend.
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    Winder Wars!

  3. Wraptail

    Aged P90s - Have a Look & Listen

    Aged P90s now available at Tyson Tone. Please email me to order, not on website yet. -Bobby
  4. Wraptail

    Tele Pickups are happening at Tyson tone - Have a look!

    I've finally got a vintage coil winder dedicated to Tele pickups. Here's a freshy. They're not on my site yet, so if you're interested please shoot me an email. Thanks! -Bobby
  5. Wraptail

    Tyson Tone PAFs, Lazer Lloyd Allman Brothers Jam

    Llazer Lloyd with his new Tyson Tone equipped La Grange fiddle. This set is the Preachers. More info @
  6. Wraptail

    R0 Tobacco Burst with a friend

    1962 R60 visiting with R0 (with vintage PAFs).
  7. Wraptail

    Vintage Bike N Guitar

    1962 R60 Visiting with 1960 ES-345
  8. Wraptail

    Have Listen - Tyson Tone P90, Les Paul Junior & 1950s Gibson GA-20

    Here's a nice demo my Matthew Stubbs of the 57 Wraptail P90, who has his own great band, and plays with Charlie Musslewhite as well. Thanks for listening. More info @ -Bobby
  9. Wraptail

    Tweed Deluxe & Vintage ES-345

    Playing an original 1960 ES-345 through a recent 5E3 build I picked up a couple weeks ago.
  10. Wraptail

    Killer Vintage 58 Les Paul with Tyson Tone PAFs & Charlie Starr -Must Watch

    Endorsing Artist Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke @ sound check yesterday. 'Precious & Grace' PAF set More info:
  11. Wraptail

    New Demo w/ Gino Matteo - Tyson Tone Pickups

    Here's Gino with a set of TTL-1 PAFs. This is a great presentation of how versatile this set is. Clean, dirty, with diff effects @ end as well, as out of phase & coil split. This set received a Guitar & Bass Magazines Choice Award in a recent review
  12. Wraptail

    Rare 1950s Flot A Tone Amp FS

    Killer Flot A tone 600 for sale. These don't come up very often. Runs a pair of 6L6GBs / 5881s with a 5U4 rectifier. Also sounds great with a 6V6s and a 5Y3 for lower power and earlier breakup. All original, including ALNICO speaker - except for vintage style replacement handle. I have...
  13. Wraptail

    Phaez Jericho / JTM18

    Up for Sale is an 18 watt Phaez Jericho AKA JTM18 2 EL84s, 3 12AX7s 1/2 power switch Can use 4, 8 or 16 ohm speaker. Great Marshall tones. With the Mod knob maxed out you also get chimey - killer VOX tone. I'll include an extra pair of EL84s. $595 Paypal, shipped to...
  14. Wraptail

    New Guitar & Bass Magazine Review - Tyson Tone Pickups

    Guitar and Bass Magazine recently reviewed Tyson Tone PAFs and P90s. Apparently they liked what they heard as we got a 9/10 silver and a 10/10 gold award. Here's one highlight: "the Tysons sounds as if the proverbial blanket has been removed from the amp.” – Guitar & Bass Magazine. Click...
  15. Wraptail

    Black Friday Sale NOW! 20% Off Tyson Tone Pickups

    Coupon Code: BF20 for 20% OFF All Pickups at Everyone enjoy their weekend! Bobby
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  17. Wraptail

    New Website - Tyson Tone Pickups!

    Wow, finally done. Whew! Please have a look.
  18. Wraptail

    15% OFF - Labor Day Sale Tyson Tone Pickups

    Get em while they're hot! Enter coupon code: 2016labor For 15% discount on all pickups.
  19. Wraptail

    Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke -Tyson Tone Pickups Endorser

    Happy to announce that Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke is now a Tyson Tone Pickups Endorsing Artist! Here he is rocking his stripped 1956 Les Paul Junior with a Tyson Tone 57 Wraptail P90. photo by Nik Vechery. Courtesy of LEO Weekly Get yours at

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