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    Summer Philly?

    Isn't that coming up soon? Anyone going?
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    Recent live clip of my guitar

    Thought I'd share a cool live clip. I loaned my burst to a friend to play for "a song or two" at one of his shows. He ended up playing it for every song, except when he played acoustic or 12 string. He often tells me that this ruined his other guitars. Anyway...he recorded the 2 track house...
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    Trainwreck video - Ken's original Rocket (not heard before)

    I mentioned this is a post from a few months ago. Matt's a buddy whom I lent an old guitar for a series of videos he's doing about Trainwrecks, old and new. (He used to be in Bon Jovi's touring band along side Phil X.) In the upcoming vids, he will be playing Ken Fischer's personal amp, which...
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    Some morning wood - Danger Burst(s)

    Simply sharing a sunny photo on a rainy morning.
  5. sws1

    Anyone try Skinnerburst pickups yet?

    I see a lot for sale, but haven't found any reviews. Thinking of buying a set. ????
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    FS: WIZZ PAFs and Rings - In box

    Original owner. Have been used in 1 guitar for several months. Double cream, covers attached. Lightly aged. $350 plus shipping (and paypal if necessary) Thanks
  7. sws1

    Step right up...don't be shy. Monster '59 for sale.
  8. sws1

    Nashville guitar show

    There's a chance I may in Nashville the weekend of the Nashville guitar show. I know it's not as big as Arlington, but is this a good one? Anyone else going?
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    Can someone explain "overspray" to me?

    Both trying to understand WHAT it is, and WHY it's done. I had thought that maybe perhaps it meant that extra nitro was sprayed onto the guitar in spots where it cracked or was worn down to the wood. But now I'm not so sure. There is a guitar for sale on Gbase or Reverb that said there was...
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    Can we talk refret?

    Just about to pull trigger on refretting my GT, as the lower frets are REALLY low, and while chords are nice and easy, I feel like it won't be long until I get arthritis from having to dig in on the notes. I personally like bigger frets, but anyone think I should stick with original vintage...
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    Pics of "seams" in vintage Goldtops?

    I've seen it mentioned that the top seams in vintage (and modern, for that matter) can be visible. Does anyone have any pics that show this?
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    How Darkbacks are made - question

    Been looking through a lot of photos of old guitars and cavities. Interested in the series of steps the original builders would have used to stain / finish the bodies. I've noticed that on the Darkback guitars, it looks like there is something "extra" underneath what you see as the dark...
  13. sws1

    iPhone snap of my latest R9

    Got this about 2 months ago. I've since added the pick guard. I need to get some better phones. The flame goes from almost nothing at some angles to exploding at the angle you see here. I've had a ToneRite connected to it for the past 2 weeks, and I'm blown away at how much the acoustic sound...

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