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  1. blouie

    NGD 2020 Les Paul Standard 60s

    The 61R/T pickups on my 2019 Standard 60s are my favorite pickups of ALL my guitars. Congrats!!! Beautiful beast.
  2. blouie

    NGD - 2017 Gibson LP Traditional in Tobacco

    What a gorgeous top!!! Love the long vertical grain pattern.
  3. blouie

    Knobs keep falling off

    Cutting a small square of tin foil (or two) and covering the shaft would also work great. I like the foil vs. the tape because it doesn't leave a sticky residue.
  4. blouie

    Why do the majority of new Custom Shop LP reisues have poorly fitting pickguards?

    When I saw this I looked at my 2020 R0 and was certain that my OCD would push me over the edge knowing there is a gap. There's no gap! Now I feel totally left out that it doesn't have the gap!!! :) Mind the gap!!!
  5. blouie

    NGD! An oldie but goldie

    So beautiful! That is the perfect Les Paul to me.
  6. blouie

    NGD! 2021 R9

    Beautiful! My favorite color.
  7. blouie

    Tim Shaws or not? thanks

    Moral of the story - not all Shaws are created (or sound) equal.
  8. blouie

    Taking a gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish down to a VOS low lustre?

    My 2020 R0 is a VOS finish, the back is fully glossy as a new guitar the front has a hazy look. Because of the back I really doubt it doesn't have the same number of clear coats as a non VOS guitar. The guitar does have a very strong smell of carnauba wax - my guess is that they applied the...
  9. blouie

    Now we are talking. This guitar went from good/very good to great.

    Looks great! Did you ever compare to the EBMM version. Here's mine - it is FANTASTIC. Still have more Gibsons than EBMMs but EBMMs rock and I imagine the Sterlings are great.
  10. blouie

    Upgrading my Traditional Vs purchasing a brand new R9

    Your Traditional is gorgeous!!! My kind of top and color! Having an R0 V1 (which is just like an R9), it's my worst sounding guitar in my opinion. Unless you are like me and just want to have one to "own" something special, it's not worth it. It feels great to play but not that different...
  11. blouie

    CS Reissue Case (headstock area foam inserts)

    Hi all, Question about the dense foam inserts Gibson adds to the Custom Shop Reissue cases. In my case it is a 2020 R0 and the case is the latest iteration of the Lifton reissue cases... I always have to apply pressure on the headstock area of the case to properly close and latch it (even...
  12. blouie

    Interesting! The Gibson Mod Collection

    I think they are taking factory rejects (or more likely returns for bad quality) and putting purple pickup rings and making them sound more "cool" than standard-spec guitars. Even if they are a bit discounted (which a lot are not), they are selling them at full retail, so, they end up making...
  13. blouie

    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    It's called Credit Card debt!!!! :) I'm 49 with a 2020 R0
  14. blouie

    How do you address having the bridge pickup with less volume?

    If you got the guitar new, send it back for repair (not replacement if you really like it). I have an R0 and that is NOT normal. If it is used, send it back if it wasn't accurately described or ask for a partial refund to fix the issue. I had the same issue wiht an 84 Custom. Asked the...
  15. blouie

    Are Shaws weaker (vs. other modern options)

    Liam - 61R/T are the pickups on my 2019 LP Standard 60's I was hoping that someone with multiple guitars with Shaws, a modern R9/R0, and modern standard could weigh in on if their Shaws are weaker volume. My 2020 R0 has the Custom Buckers are also modeled after "vintage" but they are equally...
  16. blouie

    Are Shaws weaker (vs. other modern options)

    Thank you LeftyF2003 - I'm just wondering if this weaker behavior is normal with Shaws.

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