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    Space X Re-Entry

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    As The Years Go Passing By

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    Blinded by the Light.

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    New guitar synth day. Roland GR-300 guitar synthesizer, guitar controller. This thing has been sitting unused for years, but seems to work. I just started messing with it this afternoon, trying to get some useable sounds, and a balance between the dry guitar, and the synth.
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    I bought a tube combo amplifier.

    1975 Fender Super Reverb.
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    Strat Like Object. I picked up this Modulus/Alembic from Gruhns. It arrived today. Yahoo, needs a little tlc.
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    Lights in the Sky.

    Weird lights in the sky, south to north.
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    I picked this Stratocaster up through Wildwood Guitars. It's pretty much a reissue of a 1959 Stratocaster, but with different frets, and a little bit of a flatter fretboard radius. Plays, and sounds great. Wildwood set it up nice with my favorite strings.
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    Mike Bloomfield.

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    Singer tells drummer to stop dragging.

    This is hilarious. You may have to be on FB to watch it. :rofl: :dude: :dude:
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    Red Snapper

    I went out fishing yesterday to the Channel islands with my son, and grandson. It was the opening of the rockfish season. A little bumpy in the morning, but we caught some nice reds.
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    FedEx LOL.

    What a joke here's my Fedex tracking for a Sweetwater order. Started in Indiana, made it to California, then headed back east, and now its in North Carolina. :rofl: :cheers2: Date Status Location Comments Real-time update from FedEx: Jan 27, 2021 9:40 PM Arrived at...
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    Conception Dive Boat Captain Facing Manslaughter Charge A Federal Grand Jury has indicted the Captain of the dive boat Conception in connection with the Labor Day 2019 fire that claimed 34 lives off Santa Cruz Island. 67-year-old Jerry Nehl Boylan of Santa...
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    Is this Explorer a real Gibson None of the ones I've looked at on Reverb or Ebay show the serial number, made in USA, and the year of manufacture. All the others have the Made in USA under the serial number, with no year.
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    Jack Pearson

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    Daylight Savings Time Ends.

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    Metal Detector.

    I went up the canyon today with my metal detector, and found what was left of these 25 pound cans of blasting powder, used when they were constructing Highway 33 in the early 1930s.

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