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  1. w.izzy

    WTB Marshall JMP-1H

    Hello...Just recently read about them but I am really interested in one. Have had no luck in the eBay, gbase or Reverb. My shipping address is in Miami 33166 Thank you
  2. w.izzy

    Why is this happening?

    A truss rod cover with no meaningful description of having been touched by :slash: or someone more famous and has 23 bids ...what am i missing? Truss Rod Cover for Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Free USA SHIP | eBay
  3. w.izzy

    WTB: gibson CS-356 or CS-336 w/bigsby

    Good evening Been searching a little for them in stores with no luck so I was wondering whether anyone of you guys might want to sell one of these. I'm currently checking one on eBay but I wanted to take a look in this great gathering of guitar ppl. Maybe somebody has a red one ...
  4. w.izzy

    Traveling to NYC on december from a tropical country..what should I know?

    Greetings fellow lespaulers.. having kept my job for the upcoming new year, my GF and I decided to take a break and see the snow for the first time. We are going to stay in NYC for 2 weeks and travel to Boston and vicinity and then Washington and vicinity by car in the next 2 weeks. We have...
  5. w.izzy

    An article about choosing wood

    Not technical details but a fine story BBC News - Stradivarius trees: Searching for perfect musical wood
  6. w.izzy

    NGD '59 Gibson Les Paul Replica 9 5464 by Renowned Maker

    I received her on October 30th. As I told the Renowned Luthier: i have not been exposed to many good guitars since all you can get in here is Chinese strat copies or things in that level... but have had some Les comparison with this baby.. This is the most beautiful sounding and...
  7. w.izzy

    Some questions about Aged R9s

    Some questions about Aged R9s Hello. Currently I am in the middle of an aged R9 search process in ebay and other sites since I live outside the US, and therefore have several questions. I have found a new 2012 Murphy for about $6000 and a 2007 (that has been regarded as a good R9 year) for...
  8. w.izzy

    Has anyone heard of Mr Thomas Core?

    Hello everybody, I am currently watching a few listings in ebay and badly wanting an custom aged R9. The seller claims that Mr Thomas Core aged the guitars and installed plastic Montreux Parts raising the price a little. The guitar i want sells for $6250. So, i joined the forum to ask you...

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