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  1. old mark

    Screws affect your "tone" more than most things

    Please note - price increase to $79.00 due to "the virus"...
  2. old mark

    Anybody have a cheap guitar that is a lifetime never seller?

    About a month ago, I bought an SX Hawk from Rondo Music for about $159...It's a Strat style - my only Strat - 3 single coils, maple neck and fret board, solid alder body and just a clear coat finish. The wood is so vibrant the guitar just sings. Very comfortable, balanced, versatile sounds. Came...
  3. old mark

    Pawn shop guitar buy - Squier Affinity Jazzmaster,,,$150 well spent.

    Already thinking about moving up to a higher end model...The neck is just very nice to play! Yeah, he did seem to like them, and I can see why...
  4. old mark

    Pawn shop guitar buy - Squier Affinity Jazzmaster,,,$150 well spent.

    Saw this odd little Squier in the window, had to take a look - the Arctic White Squier/Fender Affinity Jazzmaster H H...Picke it up, and the neck was a beauty. New, they are about $200, and this oe was $150, so no HUGE deal, but a far better playing guitar than I expected. Cleaned it up, change...
  5. old mark

    CCR's Proud Mary - released 50 years

    This iconic song...the most covered bar band song of all time...was released in 1969...
  6. old mark

    Hohner Arbor Series guitars

    I have an older Hohner acoustic and it is a GEM...I don't know how this relates to your guitar, but they have a good customer service department, and answer questions online. Nice axe...Happy New Year! ADDED: They were made in the '80's and '90's, and there are several online sites about them...
  7. old mark

    Anyone have a Danelectro?

    Oh, yeah...this old guy likes them, too...he has the adjustable bridge on his, and it seems like he keeps it handy around his house...
  8. old mark

    Anyone have a Danelectro?

    I have had several over the years...Played an original Dano Longhorn bass in the '60's and '70's...Now have a '90's reissue, and 2 6 strings, a black DC59, along with a 3 pickup DC in metallic purple. I love 'em, and I DO use the aftermarket adjustable bridge on both guitars...vast improvement...
  9. old mark

    Epi Masterbilt AJ500M question

    Check Epiphone's site, and look up your model...they should have info on the bracing ...the Masterbilt is a very good acoustic, but you might end up wanting to buy more than one...They are loud, and have a distinctive voice, and the mahogany has a different tone than the maple version...Enjoy! I...
  10. old mark

    Epiphone ES335 pro and comparison to Gibson 335 review

    One thing to add...My OLDER Epi 335 PRO has had a professional fret leveling and polishing job, and complete set up...I recommend you get this on your 335...the difference is amazing...not that the factory set up or fret job was bad, but a GOOD pro made my Epiphone play better than my Gibson Les...
  11. old mark

    Epiphone ES335 pro and comparison to Gibson 335 review

    I have owned an Epiphone ES335 PRO in Ebony for several years. I like it so much I recently bought one in Cherry, just because so many players I like play a Gibson 335 in that color...So 2 keepers. I own several Gibsons - 2 Les Pauls, an older Firebird, 2 Juniors and 2 Melody Makers...The ES 335...
  12. old mark

    Such a wonderful night...Albert Lee, live...

    One of my absolute favorite players, Albert Lee, last night in a 1920's theater in Pennsylvania...what an incredible player...and he can sing, and still has hair at age 74... he did that and this... And this, and played for 2 hours...he rocked the place. IF you ever get a chance to see...
  13. old mark

    NGD - Firebird

    I have to caution you on those Firebirds...I got the one in my pretty picture as a Christmas gift to myself last year...and since then, have bought a 2008 in cream white...They are sneaky like Les Pauls and Telecasters, man...get one and you want more... but they play so GOOD!!!
  14. old mark

    I've never seen this Les Paul Les Paul is playing in this clip

    Just so you know, here's Les before the arthritis took his fingers, before his heart attacks...His 15 minute TV show from the late '50's
  15. old mark

    Limited Edition Tribute P90 Les here yesterday...:)

    saw this worn honeyburst beauty at zZounds online, bought it at 4:30 AM Thursday...delivered Saturday!!! There are many very fancy Les Pauls, but this thing just vibrates, even unplugged, and the P90's sing and cry...I recommend these very highly - now BOTH my Les Pauls are "speclal...
  16. old mark

    thinking about an HSH$(KGrHqZ,!j!FESd(B5OvBRErJm2v3!~~60_57.JPG this is what I have in a HSH...Ibanez Ash Body RG...
  17. old mark

    thinking about an HSH

    Well, I have an Ibanez, an RG with a solid ash body...very mellow sound, but it took me a while to set up the pups right...Bought it used, a very good guitar cheap...hard to beat the neck, too...
  18. old mark

    Older Hohner HS 35 - a great guitar, never sold many in the USA...

    These were MIK and sold by Hohner in Europe and the USA... HS-35 blonde 1998/Hohner HS35 335-style TVJones pickups body.jpg They are very HIGH QUALITY...Maple body with mahogany set neck, rosewood board. 2 humbucker pups designed by Kent...
  19. old mark

    Do you have a favorite import STRAT copy? Brand, model, mods???

    I have 3 of the old of the best cheap. guitars ever...I change the whole trem and bridge assembly for all steel versions, Wilkersons, and they get even better.
  20. old mark

    NGD: 2009 Gibson Melody Maker Single Cut/Single Pick up

    Just plug it in and adjust the pickup height...It will have a real sweet spot, and that's all you need...I would not recommend any mods at all.

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