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  1. Phylodog


    I wasn't completely thrilled with the look of my 96 Classic and have been looking at various pictures of them on the internet and thinking about what I might like more. I had the black plastics in my parts drawer so I swapped them out today and I think I like this a bit better, looks a little...
  2. Phylodog

    NGD!!! This was a good trade!

    So I had a modified 2013 LP Classic Custom that I picked up earlier in the year and just never bonded with it. Had an offer from an out of state resident interested in trading his for mine when he came to my area for the holidays. I met up with him this afternoon and after each of us had a...
  3. Phylodog


    Just traded into this beat to hell old Custom this afternoon. My 79 has caused me to lose interest in my others so I've been wanting to find another that played like my 79 and this one does. Not too pretty to look at, she's had a neck repair, a refret, nylon saddles and at least one of the...
  4. Phylodog

    WTS/WTT Collings D1

  5. Phylodog

    96 Classic Premium Plus neck?

    Curious if anyone knows what neck shape I would find on this model?
  6. Phylodog

    I thought some of you might like to see this

    I was at an event last night and there were a dozen guitars on display including this one. It's Les Paul's original black beauty, a 1954 model which has been modified and modified again by Mr. Paul and his luthier. I was told that Les gave it to his luthier who later sold it but I'm sure we...
  7. Phylodog

    I always wondered how one would look....

    This is not an official ZW guitar, it's a ZW tribute version built on a 2013 Classic Custom. I've always wondered how one of these would look with black hardware instead of the hold. Ordered a set of black Grover Rotomatics and a Tone Pros bridge and tail piece in black and installed them...
  8. Phylodog

    Classic Custom model = NGD!!

    I'm considering buying a 2013 GLP Custom Classic. I know from pics that the fretboard isn't ebony (baked maple?) but aside from that, are there any significant differences between these and a "regular" custom?
  9. Phylodog

    NGD! Traded with another forum member!

    I met with Golem this evening halfway between where we live which was a little over 2 hours each way for me. I've been considering and have now decided that I want three LP Customs and now I have #2, just one more to go. I'll find a white one some day, preferably a thin necked Norlin but it's...
  10. Phylodog

    Question about fret work

    I recently took my 79 fretless wonder in for some fretwork. I honestly thought it was time for new frets but the (very reputable and highly recommended) luthier said it had one more level in it. When I went to pick it up I noticed the frets look great but they aren't shiny but instead they...
  11. Phylodog

    Heading to LA, what to see??

    I’m in the air heading to LA for work. I should be in the Beverly Hills area for about a week and will have some free time here and there. I’ve been to LA before but don’t usually get far from the hotel. For those in the know, if a can sneak away for an hour or two, where should I go to check...
  12. Phylodog

    Swap the magnet?

    My 79 custom needs some brightening up but I hate making mods to it which can't be undone or detected later. I have no plans to sell it but I do like the idea that it's all original (or I can put it back that way). I don't know squat about pickups so I'm including a pic. Would a magnet swap...
  13. Phylodog

    Newfound appreciation...

    I think a lot of folks think they "know" more than they do when it comes to things we actually have no experience with. I'm as guilty as anyone having underestimated then come to understand the truth about a lot of things over the years. I try to remind myself of it often and this afternoon...
  14. Phylodog

    Looking for info on this Hi-Tone Custom 30

    I traded in to this today but there is precious little information out there on this model. I've never owned a tube amp before so I was hoping to stumble across an owner's manual of some sort. I don't have much experience with amps in general so I'm pretty much a total newb.
  15. Phylodog

    Nickel hardware on a Custom a faux pa?

    I love the look of the aged humbucker covers on my 79 but the bridge and tailpiece are quite a contrast. I have Faber hardware on my other 3 LPs and was thinking I'd like the look of their aged nickel hardware on the custom. Is that something I'll have to explain every time someone who "knows"...
  16. Phylodog


    I rolled the dice on a seller with no feedback and located in South Korea. I'd asked a few questions but never made an offer and the seller sent me an offer a couple of days later. I compared pricing on all of these I could find for sale and averaged them out and came up with $10,300 (granted...
  17. Phylodog

    Clean & polish a vintage or let it be?

    If all goes well my 79 will be here in a few days. Whenever I get a used guitar I take the strings off, clean and polish everything up then restring and set the action. I've also never owned a vintage guitar and while I'm not concerned about resale value as I don't plan to part with it I also...
  18. Phylodog

    Who also plays bass?

    So I've gotten curious about playing bass. I've never really been interested in it before but I've been listening to quite a bit of Tool and Red Hot chili Peppers lately and it has me wondering if I'd enjoy it. I don't think I've ever picked one up before so I know absolutely nothing about...
  19. Phylodog

    I need help as quickly as possible please

    I purchased a 79 Custom Silverburst via Reverb which is now with DHL. Because it is made of wood I have to fill out a Lacey Act form which requires the genus & species, country of harvest and percent recycled for each of the woods in the guitar. If I have found the right information the body...
  20. Phylodog

    Damaged saddles

    I'm considering buying an older LP but the saddles are giving me pause. It's reportedly not damaged or repaired, just old and worn but I've never seen saddles chewed up like that (that's not saying much given my level of experience). The strings aren't anywhere near centered due to the rough...

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