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  1. Farquad

    NGD TH8 M2M

    Well anyone that knows me knows how much I love my TH's. The problem (besides cost, and lets not start a TH bash thread please :-) ) is that the color selection is extremely limited. Well about September of last year (When I turned 50) I told myself that I wanted to get a custom LP. I've got...
  2. Farquad

    So there I was, minding my own business...(NGD)

    I really only stopped in to drop off a pedal for repair. Vintage DOD mini chorus that has that perfect "walking on the moon" sound. Anyway, I was talking with the guy about it when the manager walks over and says "Hey, have you seen the latest stuff we got in?" Not yet I replied with a eager...
  3. Farquad

    Remember to close those latches...a NGD with a message

    Well it was an interesting weekend. I had placed a hold on a TH9 a few months ago that Showcase was allocated. They werent supposed to get the TH9 until October timeframe, but another vendor declined their allotment so Showcase snatched it up. I got a call saying my TH9 was in on Tuesday, so...
  4. Farquad

    Got a good deal on a first run Shanks. NGD

    OK, so I finally understand what all you guys are on about on the shanks. This is a really great feeling and sounding guitar. I'm still not a fan of aging, but I'm pretty certain I'd never know if i put a ding on this thing, so I have been playing it with a little more wild abandon. :) I do...
  5. Farquad

    For $1 mil, you'd think they'd have free shipping.

    Wow, this is really tempting. Anyone have a milliion $ they dont need and want to give me? Although shipping may be a deal breaker.
  6. Farquad

    Just something about a wrap tail...NGD

    So I hadn't planned on a new addition to the family. In fact I've been putting a fair number of kids up for adoption of late. Anyway I was doing my weekly visit to Showcase yesterday. This R4 was outside the glass case so i picked it up and checked it out. Despite needing a setup, i could...
  7. Farquad

    NGD: Took advantage of the Halloween sale today

    Well Guitar Showcase in San Jose has had a Halloween sale going on since Friday. Today being the last day of it. Some pretty good deals to be had even on newly in stock items. For example this beautiful 2014 R8 that followed me home just came in this past week and they had it marked $1k off...
  8. Farquad

    NGD, a real long scale.

    Howdy folks, New toy for my birthday. Its a 1997 LP Standard Bass. Its the only one I've seen in a trans amber. Nice thick neck, and super fun to play, even if it only has for strings. Previous owner swapped the pups out to an active system and i may change it back to passive (or at least...
  9. Farquad

    Double Custom NGD

    Howdy Gang, I wasnt expecting these till tomorrow, but the nice fedex man brought them a day early for me. JOY!!! I was looking at the 96 Birdseye, and another LP (but it wasnt worth the price being asked) when I learned of this pristine 74 20th anni. This thing must have been frozen in a...
  10. Farquad

    Im usually not a blond kinda guy, but she was just so sweet. (NGD)

    I totally didnt set out to get a guitar today. I guess one could argue that I didnt set out not to get one either. Stumbled across this Classic Custom 2 at GC and couldnt put her down. After a bath and string change I noticed her serial number was stamped on my B-day, so I guess she was meant...
  11. Farquad

    Poster concept

    Howdy folks, With all the sunny day pics I thought i'd work on some of my own, but it was too cloudy and i didnt have consistent lighting and obviously cloud and other reflections. Still, i took all those pics, so I decided to mock up a poster concept. I still need to figure out how large i...
  12. Farquad

    Looks like a fake to me, but what an odd choice to fake

    Howdy folks, I have an open ebay search for LP acoustics (hoping for purple or tangerine) anyway this one popped up the other day. Pics are bad (first clue to fake) Never see the head stock (2nd clue to fake) It has knobs (i've never seen a LP acoustic with front knobs, the controls are usually...
  13. Farquad

    NGD, Thanks MusiciansFriend!!!

    Well the UPS man just dropped of my new R5. Thanks to MusiciansFriend for blowing these out. I havent had an opportunity to play her yet, but the neck is awesome. The shoulders are much softer than a R8, but the neck is just as deep. Super comfortable. Cant wait to hear her scream.
  14. Farquad

    Look, its a Juice Tiger. (Warning, 2014 NGD content)

    Howdy folks, Saw this over the weekend, and my girlfriend made me get it. I love an understanding woman. I've got some Grover "Kluson" style tuners to swap out the etune for. Knobs will be swapped for cream reflectors with pointers too, and im thinking of doing a faber abr-1 swap out as well...
  15. Farquad

    What is it about collectors that people dislike so much?

    Howdy folks, Just a discussion poll. What is it about guitar collectors people dislike so much? Is it a jealousy/envy thing, a "you cant possibly play them all" thing, a "There are real guitar players out there that would love to have just 1 good guitar" thing, an "I only hate the people who...
  16. Farquad

    New knobs installed. Well 3 out of 4 anyway.

    Howdy folks, I received my new knobs on saturday so I did a quick swap out and took a pic. I wish the knobs we a lighter cream, but I still like them better than the gold ones.
  17. Farquad

    NGDCS (coming soon) 2014 Classic in Sea Foam

    I admit it, I love Sea Foam as a color (even though it really looks like a trans version of Inverness Green). I really wanted a plain top, but this one just hit me as so weird its cool. It has subtle ring grain near the edges, a couple anomalies that look like finger prints wrapped up in a...
  18. Farquad

    Seriously bad GAS and the results from it.

    Hi Folks, So I've been really jonesing for a guitar I can leave at the office, but still want to play. I was looking at Mexi-strats, and classic vibes and such but really wanted Gibby, so I started looking for cheap LP studio's or the like. Then I saw the GC add where they had SG specials for...
  19. Farquad

    Almost NGD. The wait is such a love hate relationship

    Tomorrow the FedEx man should be dropping off one of the Custom Shop 20th Anniversary R7 Custom with 3 pups. There are only 100 (ya, another limited run), but what makes this a tad more special (besides the cool brass switch cover) is that is has an ebony board. Yes, Gibson has some ebony that...
  20. Farquad

    Music Man Armada's

    Has anyone had an opportunity to play one yet? The look is weird, but its really growing on me.

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