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  1. Ed B

    Pedals For Sale

    Cleaning out the closet. Not looking for trades. EarthQuaker Devices Cloven Hoof - $120 shipped and PP'd, excellent condition. I do not have the original box, but it includes the fabric pouch that it came with. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver - $65 shipped and PP'd, excellent condition. Comes...
  2. Ed B

    SDOTD: Hardwire HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner

    Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend $30 :dude: :cheers2:
  3. Ed B

    Lots of Pedals. Bulk Trade Preferred

    I'm clearing out my pedal stash. Some are like new, some are beaten up, some are in between. All function perfectly and as they should. The total value is in the $1800 range. Ideally I'm looking to trade as many as possible for a guitar or amp. I may split them up. If interested in...
  4. Ed B

    MHD Straitjackets for Sale

    I bought these a couple of years ago with the hopes of acquiring a guitar to drop them into. It still hasn't happened. I figure it's time to let them go. They both have over 13" of wire. For the set, $100 shipped and PP'd to the lower 48.
  5. Ed B

    FS/FT: Kingpin 60 Speaker 12"/8ohm (From Carr Rambler)

    I have one 12" Kingpin 60 speaker (60 watt) for sale or trade. This was from a Carr Rambler. The speaker is made by Eminence, but is was discontinued due to the the basket vendor going out of business. No issues at all, functions as it should. $60 shipped and PP'd to the lower 48...
  6. Ed B

    BuggFx To The Rescue (Gibson Goldtone Footswitch)

    This is a long overdue thank you to Robert! A few months ago I acquired a Gibson Super Goldtone 2x12. It didn't come with it's footswitch. Unbelievable amp! Super versatile, but without the FS you really couldn't take advantage of the versatility. I started scouring the internet for a...
  7. Ed B

    SDOTD: Hercules Stands GS414B Bonus Guitar Stand Pack with Neck Cradle

    Get em while you can! Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend :dude:
  8. Ed B

    FS: Vintage Ibanez Flanger (FL-301 - Japan) and ZVEX Distortron

    Both pedals function perfectly. Prices included shipping to the lower 48 and PP fees. Ibanez FL-301 is 18v. I do not have a power supply........$130 ZVEX Distortron........$95 I'm open to offers and trades. Not looking for anything in particular. :dude:
  9. Ed B

    FS/FT 2001 Gibson Firebird V

    2001 Gibson Firebird V in excellent condition. 60's slim taper neck. Used, but not abused. Minor playwear is about it. No breaks or repairs. Nice and clean. Includes original hardshell case. It's been upgraded with Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Firebird Pickups and Steinberger Gearless...
  10. Ed B

    1965 Gibson C-1D Classical Guitar

    1965 Gibson C-1D Classical guitar $600 FS/FT It's in EXCELLENT condition. Very clean. NO breaks, cracks or repairs. Just some dings, playing wear and (in my opinion) beautiful finish checking. The previous owner was a relative of the original owner. Comes from a smoke-free environment...
  11. Ed B

    NAD: Rude Mood

    Why not start with pics, right? :laugh2: These were snapped quickly. I didn't even adjust the lighting. Wanted to plug in too badly.:naughty: It's also it's temporary hang out. Going to re-arrange a tad and settle her in. More pics to come. :cool: :dude: The Rude...
  12. Ed B

    Firefly Music Festival

    Firefly Music Festival | Welcome Anyone going? I'll be there tomorrow only. Chili Peppers are headlining. The place Looks awesome. Can't wait!:dude:
  13. Ed B

    Tweed-ing a Head Cab (My First)

    I have to hand it to a few of our members. Without their generosity I doubt I would have gotten through this so quickly and relatively easily. Quill’s thread is invaluable if you are starting from the ground up, like me. Thanks for sharing this Quill!! It was my guide. Here is the...
  14. Ed B

    STP in AC!

    Giddy up! Anyone see em on this tour? On the train home from work. Leaving in an hour. Stoked!
  15. Ed B

    1x10 Combo Build (for my Phaez)

    I FINALLY finished my cab. I've had the amp for almost a year. The project was put on the back burner for many reasons. I didn’t want to plug it in without an enclosure for safety reasons. I have 2 little ones and the risk wasn’t an option. I'm happy to have gotten through it. And I'm...
  16. Ed B

    A Belated Merry Christmas to the Squawk Box Dudes!

    I wanted to stop in to say I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! Elvis Presley # If Every Day Was Like Christmas - YouTube Here's to another year. :cheers:
  17. Ed B

    Santa Has Come Early (Rist Tele)

    Ladies and gentleman, the wait is finally over. What an experience! Roman kept me updated the whole way. From here.... To here... More details to follow. I haven't gotten a chance to plug it in yet. Just strumming a little while chasing...
  18. Ed B

    NPD: (from the Greek for "end", "purpose", or "goal")

    USPS came bearing gifts this morning..... I was lucky enough to snipe one of these on the Bay. :applause: Sadly I won't get to plug it in until tomorrow. I'll be back to report. :applause: :dude:
  19. Ed B

    FS/FT: Gibson 490r/498t Pickup Set

    Back up for grabs. :D $115 shipped and Paypal'd (lower 48). Willing to trade. I pulled these from my SG Standard. They're in excellent, working condition. Plenty of lead too. IIRC 14.5" neck, 10" Bridge. I can measure the length again if necessary. Springs and screws included...
  20. Ed B

    Phaez on Fire (My 1st Head Cab Build)

    Hello All, I'm finally getting around to building a head cab for my Phaez MLP/35. :dude: In the spirit of this great forum I "had" to share my progress. I am brand new to this type of woodworking and you'll see, it shows. Even so I am having a blast. It's not as easy as I...

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