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  1. John_P

    Epi LP bridge leaning backwards

    Need help with some ideas to straighten up an Epi LP bridge that is leaning backwards towards the tailpiece. (This guitar is 15 years old, not a warranty issue). The rims of the tailpiece bushings are flush with the top and follow the arch that is sloping down towards the tailpiece. This means...
  2. John_P

    What's the deal with all that treble?

    I'm getting some killer tones out of a Peavey Classic 50. What baffles me is the amount of treble living inside the beast. I have to roll back treble quite dramatically also on the guitar. Bass and Treble noon-ish, but treble really low...and it gets super juicy and rich. Terrific really, nice...
  3. John_P

    Gibson hardcases, Lifton vs TKL

    To my knowledge, Lifton is the only case today that comes with headstock wedge pads. These are removable foam pads without lining, there's one under the headstock and one over the headstock. In the 90s and a few years past the millennium the brown TKL cases had one permanent headstock wedge pad...
  4. John_P

    Why Recessed TP Bushings?

    LPs come with recessed TP bushings, my other Gibson guitars have them flush or sometimes come with flanged bushings. -Why is this?
  5. John_P

    Historic Tuner Peg Length

    -What's the historic spec on the Kluson Deluxe Tuner peg length? (base plate to string hole center) -Who makes the current Gibson OEM Deluxe tuners and what length are they? (The visible length protruding from the headstock depends on a number of parameters, like the thickness of the headstock...
  6. John_P

    2012-2014 LP Standard - Linear volume?

    Calling owners of 2012-2014 LP Standards with push-pull pots. Mine has 500 k audio taper volume pots (you know; quick vol drop to about 50% from 10-7 and then you are approaching mud territory). I was surprised to find out that these are supposed to be linear according to specs. Well, mine are...
  7. John_P

    ABR-1 conversion post off-set

    -The common ABR-1 conversion post inserts from Faber and Callaham etc are not off-set. This means that an original Gibson ABR-1, a Tonepros AVR-1 or any bridge true to the original ABR-1 dimensions won't fit, since its post distance is narrower than the Nashville bridge. -Are there off-set...
  8. John_P

    Control knobs height adjustment

    I was just about to order a set of reflector knobs when I was informed that the ”vintage style” knobs has a flange which prevents them from being mounted flush with the body top. This is the vintage correct profile of the top hats. I prefer the knobs to be flush with the body because I...
  9. John_P

    Greetings from Sweden

    Hi people of MLP, New member on this forum, but I’ve been playing guitar for many years in various band settings, done some studio work and is also registered on a couple of other guitar and music related forums. I play a few other instruments as well but electric guitar is my main...
  10. John_P

    Epi LP Standard - Dual action TR?

    Hi folks, new kid on the block. This is my first post: -What type of truss rod is there in a 2005 Epi LP standard (made in Daewon) –Is it single or dual action? The guitar is very stable and plays perfect, so I have no immediate plans to turn the TR in order to find out. Instead I’m turning to...

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