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  1. Rich

    Jimi Hendrix played on keyboards? Yes, please!

    Lachy Doley is insanely talented, with both his keyboard tickling and his voice. Enjoy! But wait! There's more!
  2. Rich

    And don't forget the joker!

  3. Rich

    I can't be the only one still awake at this hour witnessing these late night infomercials

    Adam & Eve infomercials... I have no problem with that they are selling, hell I'll try eating some ass if that's what I need to man up to do. But, man, is the host annoying. I'd like to say that I'd hit it while she is promoting butt plugs but... I guess that I'm too old to truly appreciate...
  4. Rich

    A Trip Through New York City in 1911 [4k, 60 fps]

    This is fascinating and extremely well done. I didn't know it was even possible to upscale and have that much detail. And they created sound too.
  5. Rich

    I'm gonna plant me a steak garden!

    Take THAT, hippies! :D Memphis Meats raised $161 million to grow meat from cells New York (CNN Business) Memphis Meats, which grows meat from animal cells, just got a huge endorsement from some big-named backers. That will take it one step closer to selling its product, but it's still a long...
  6. Rich

    Great performance by Pearl Jam of The Who's "The Real Me"

    I love this.
  7. Rich

    Klon KTR's for sale

    Got this email today from Musc Toys: Klon KTR Newsletter ALERT 05.08.19 As inventor and builder Bill Finnegan says : "Demand is always greater than Supply." We are getting SMALL batch of KTRs shipping to you next week. If you want one I would jump right now they will be gone by today thats how...
  8. Rich

    Klon KTRs being sold by Musictoyz

    Email i received: Klon KTR Alert for 02.07.19 Klon KTR Pedal LIMITED : Guys a VERY limited amount of KTRs are coming early next week, we are putting them up for sale today GRAB THEM NOW - Tell A Friend If They Said They Wanted ONE. There are NOT many of them and they will sell out fast. KLON...
  9. Rich

    Ed King's guitars up for sale at Carter Vintage Guitars

    I wasn't sure where this should be posted as it's not a classified listing per se so, mods, if you think it belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it. :) Ed King's guitars up for sale at Carter Vintage Guitars NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A collection of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Ed King’s...
  10. Rich

    Boss MT2W Waza Metal Zone

    Hot off the YouTube presses - demo by Pete Thorne. Pretty badass! :yesway:
  11. Rich

    Space: 1999 - Opening theme song

    I loved this show and the theme song when I was a kid and, now, listening to the theme song, the guitar parts are so cool! Wah on one guitar and some some sort of brash fuzz on the other part. Check it out!
  12. Rich

    The Most Popular Pedals You Can Buy for Under $50

    An article from Reverb. You don't always have to drop a lot of money for cool sounds. Of note from experience, the Boss CE-5 is a righteous sounding chorus. The Most Popular Pedals You Can Buy for Under $50
  13. Rich

    Judas Priest's Glenn Tipton Diagnosed with Parkinson's; Tour Replacement Announced

    From Loudwire: Judas Priest's Glenn Tipton Diagnosed with Parkinson's; Tour Replacement Announced Early this morning (Feb. 12), Judas Priest announced via their Facebook page that guitarist Glenn Tipton won't be with the band on their upcoming tour, due to his struggle with Parkinson's disease...
  14. Rich

    My penis lies over the ocean...

    My penis lies over the ocean, My penis lies over the sea. My penis lies over the ocean. Oh bring back my penis to me. Sung to the tune of: Inspired by:
  15. Rich

    Had some computer issues yesterday

    I'm just passing this along as I had TWO machines start acting up around the same time with the same problem so I figured I'd relate my experience in case anyone else has the same problem. Machine 1: Desktop with 14 GB of RAM (I know, odd number, don't ask) Machine 2: Laptop with 8 GB of RAM...
  16. Rich

    Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek trailer

    This is well done and funny! :laugh2:
  17. Rich

    How to use your thumb to play Slayer songs

  18. Rich

    Ready for the snow?

  19. Rich

    Good customer service (computer monitor)

    Long story short, it seemed that my computer monitor had kicked the bucket; I tried plugging the DVI cable into a different computer, tried a VGA cable with both computes, changed the input selector... nothin'. The monitor is a very nice 24" LED by BenQ that I paid $355 for in February of 2015...
  20. Rich

    Never give up on your dreams

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