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  1. freebyrd 69

    2014 58 Reissue Les Paul FLAMER

    Sunday bump
  2. freebyrd 69

    2014 58 Reissue Les Paul FLAMER

    $4100 includes shipping but not fees for PP. Excellent top and the guitar is in excellent condition. Some binding bleed, as normal, but that’s it. She is under 9lbs, and no I don’t have the neck measurements. Zero issues, with a R9 type top. COA and factory case. 810-923-8297
  3. freebyrd 69

    Don Mare Zepotone Tele pickups

    We are super close! I live in Howell….D19 and W Coon Lake Rd. Lol. Give me a shout or a text. The guy I bought the Tele from was a touring (nobody real famous) musician, and he had some good video clips of him playing live with the guitar. I can text them to you. That stuff is subjective, but...
  4. freebyrd 69

    Don Mare Zepotone Tele pickups

    Hard to find. I bought a used Custom Shop Tele with these pickups in it. They are awesome, but I’m using the guitar for a specific purpose for live shows and had to swap them out for a more vintage tone. $385 PP and shipped. 810-923-8297 Jon
  5. freebyrd 69

    FS: 1990 Bullion Gold Gibson Les Paul "model" classic- first year

    Jstarr is absolutely correct. The market always dictates “the price”. If it’s too high, it won’t sell. Snarky comments on a guitar you have no interest in on someone’s FS thread make you look 100 times worse than a possibly over priced axe. Just keep that in mind.
  6. freebyrd 69


    Nice axe!
  7. freebyrd 69


    You said in the ad “super dark rosewood board” but also have Ebony board in the ad title…can you clarify which it is? Thank you.
  8. freebyrd 69

    Peavey USA Custom shop HP2 (Wolfgang)

    Pictures will help
  9. freebyrd 69

    New Gov't Mule coming

    Sweet! Saw this yesterday and listened to the released cut. Sounds like it’s gonna be a good OLD FASHIONED blues stuff. I just hope it’s not too jazzy/jammy. I like the structured songs better.
  10. freebyrd 69

    WTB Gibson LP R8

    I’ve got one…..
  11. freebyrd 69

    Found one

    Get the 50 BE Deluxe!
  12. freebyrd 69

    Gibson Luther Dickinson 335 - SOLD

    Nice axe. You need to post a price or the mods will pull it
  13. freebyrd 69

    Originals vs. Covers

    100% TRUTH!
  14. freebyrd 69

    Originals vs. Covers

    Wasn’t meant to be a smart ass reply, just a fact. Most people want songs they know and recognize. I’d be with ya on going to see an original band if I liked the style of music. Most people aren’t that way. If they are going out for the evening, they want familiar music.
  15. freebyrd 69

    Originals vs. Covers

    All of that is good and well…just know that you are in the minority.
  16. freebyrd 69

    Originals vs. Covers

    Our band plays everything from Prince, Keith Urban and Luke Bryan, to Alice Cooper and Alice n Chains. We can do everything from Corporate events to grad party’s to party crowd private parties. Certain (maybe even most) songs are staples. Ya can’t play “Man in the Box” or “Allright Now”...

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