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  1. Kamen_Kaiju

    Uncharted (the Movie) .... seriously, you had one job....

    so Mark who looks like Drake is somehow playing Sully,.. only he doesn't look like Sully or have grey hair or a moustache. And I'm supposed to believe that this 20 year old looking Spider-Man kid is Nathan Drake the mid 30's treasure hunter and explorer? :facepalm: Damnit. I love the...
  2. Kamen_Kaiju

    The Rock was Sean Connery's final James Bond movie

    it's inarguable :laugh2:
  3. Kamen_Kaiju

    Stunning and Brave - The Norm Hiccup Story

    :cool: :laugh2:
  4. Kamen_Kaiju

    Call me a dog

    just found this... wow
  5. Kamen_Kaiju

    Capt Kirk > everyone else

    Re-Watching Star Trek TOS lately. I started watching on Amazon Prime then just gave in and bought the 3 seasons on Bluray. Pretty nice sets you can watch them either remastered with better effects and sound, or the original versions with mono sound .... or remastered effects with mono sound...
  6. Kamen_Kaiju

    The Matrix 4: Resurrections (trailer)

    Lemme just hitch up my pants and drop this bad boy RIGHT HERE,... DOWN BY THE RIVER! <the hype train has left the station!>
  7. Kamen_Kaiju

    Lt Dave...

    your avatar is all off center. Yer triggering muh OCD!! How about some options? :laugh2: this one looks good or or and you need to wear this while swinging the ban-hammer...
  8. Kamen_Kaiju

    Kevin Smith produced a new He-Man show for Netflix

    Only 5 episodes so far but i watched them last night. They're pretty cool. A modern take for sure, a bit more serious (there is death), kind of neat. Modern nostalgia. I only checked it out because of Smith's involvement, but I loved He-Man toys and cartoons as a kid so it's pretty cool...
  9. Kamen_Kaiju

    My inner-nerd, "That's amazing!" My inner-child, "Calm down it's just an Etch-A-Sketch!"

    pretty cool, in a totally useless way? why not just use an actual tablet? It's neat but I really don't understand any need for it to exist. Plus it's probably more expensive than an actual tablet. .. but still... new tech is always sort of neat to see.
  10. Kamen_Kaiju

    fans of Kingdom show (korean period drama with zombies)

    While there's no Season 3 in sight at the moment, a prequel just hit Netflix called: Kingdom Ashin of the North. It looks good and reviews say you don't have to have seen the first 2 seasons to enjoy it (since it's a prequel)...
  11. Kamen_Kaiju

    The Many Saints of Newark : (A Sopranos story)

    this looks fantastic!! thanks to the MLP'ers who told me about it. (you know who you is....)
  12. Kamen_Kaiju

    Remember when all the new bands coming out sounded just like Alice in Chains?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers You know you're having a profound effect on music when everyone is copying you and these are just a few off the top of my head, I know I remember others I'm just not remembering their names
  13. Kamen_Kaiju

    Drone chasing race cars

    wow some of this footage is incredible, especially when the drone dips down in front of the car as it's coming towards it,.. just some incredible camera angles.. the music is super annoying and borderline awful, but the video is incredible. it almost looks like a video game, but it isn't. I...
  14. Kamen_Kaiju

    This Guy Toys

    I'm not really into photography but.. .damn.. this guy has skills..
  15. Kamen_Kaiju

    There is a difference between thinking you're tough and actually being tough

    I mean really who goes into a boxing gym and tells the Coach you're gonna beat his ass? :laugh2: You can actually see the moment the guys soul dies a little and he knows he's fucked up,.. and he doesn't want to get back on his feet. :laugh2: It's the nicest smack-down I've ever seen delivered...
  16. Kamen_Kaiju

    name that instrument

    no seriously, wtf is that?
  17. Kamen_Kaiju

    this confirms what a lot of us have suspected!

    Un-iconic! Nice try, try again! interesting that most songs of the past 20 years have been written by the same 2 people,... and they're sort of the same song. :laugh2: we all suspected but it's interesting to see it confirmed with evidence. Also that "millennial whoop" ... I noticed it in a...
  18. Kamen_Kaiju

    A Day on the Green - (that right hand downpicking is just mindblowing)

    The speed he downpicks Creeping Death (the first song) is just incredible. Hetfield is a down picking machine. The only way to play old Metallica is with (mostly) all downpicking, or it just doesn't sound right. If you alternate pick the upstroke slices the string and produces a different...
  19. Kamen_Kaiju

    it's PowerMetal Wednesday!! \m/ \m/

    post 'em if you've got 'im.. CurveBall! lolz.. of course... probably should've put Dream Theater somewhere.... :hmm:

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