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  1. efstop

    Ultra III question

    Tributes have used various weight reduction schemes. My 2013 has 9 hole relief and weighs 9.2 lbs. I think it has a rather dense body.
  2. efstop

    Best wraparound for LP BJA in your opinion

    The Epi has a lightning bar bridge. Posts are in a straight line.
  3. efstop

    New duo name needed ….

    Side By Each
  4. efstop

    P90 or humbucker for variety of tone

    Pelham Blue is overdone ;) I passed on one of those, but had to have the Sparkling Burgundy as soon as I saw it. The burgundy might age out either orange or brown.
  5. efstop

    1973 Deluxe? I don't think so.

    According to Reverb's dating article, it is indeed a '79.
  6. efstop

    RIP, DarrellV

    That's so shocking and sad. I liked Darrell and hoped to visit him in NY state one day. R.I.P. Darrell.
  7. efstop

    New duo name needed ….

    Hermano Brothers
  8. efstop

    New duo name needed ….

    Two Fingers of Funk One Shy of a Trio Co-Bros
  9. efstop

    Not bees!

  10. efstop

    Black Friday???

    Canada started doing Black Friday to keep cross border shoppers home but that hasn't been a thing the last two years. I guess it is this year, but I haven't seen anything on either side that I want to buy.
  11. efstop

    Not bees!

  12. efstop

    Whats the downside to super slim neck thickness , seems most people like 50s profile

    I find super thin necks uncomfortable. I like a '50s neck that fills my hand. Everyone plays differently.
  13. efstop

    P90 or humbucker for variety of tone

    @InTheEvening Thanks. The Squier is an $88 pawn shop buy and the pickup is worth more than the guitar. It's routed for a bridge pickup only and that's the original guard that I butchered a bit. I had to drill holes and install blind nuts to install the P-90. It looks good from a distance...
  14. efstop

    P90 or humbucker for variety of tone

    I have an SG Special with P-90s and a Junior Tribute DC with a bridge P-90. There is also a Squier Bullet (Strat) with a bridge P-90 and a Les Paul Melody Maker with a pair of P-90S slugs. All those P90s and they all sound different. So, any two different bodies with P90s should have their own...
  15. efstop

    Auto Junkies - ? for you: 1972 For F250 Camper Special Engine/Tranny $..?

    Get hold of Vice Grip Garage on YouTube. He'll fly out, get it running and drive it home :laugh2:
  16. efstop

    Pete Townshend Lays a beat down on a beautiful Les Paul ...Wont get fooled again video , a must watch !!!!

    He didn't download any images, but still had a five year membership on the Sex Offenders Registry (expired 13 years ago.) Holding a grudge is an individual thing and I have no such issue with Townshend. He's the man who perfected the power chord.
  17. efstop

    EASY QUESTION - What's a good pickup for a Les Paul?

    BB 1 & 2. Low output. Found on Standard '50s.
  18. efstop

    Tommy Shaw can't get Gibson to build him a guitar

    So geographically speaking vis a vis Styx, your comments are invalid ;) I don't care. They were to play here and I am not going. I may have already missed it. I dislike Led Zep and Jimmy Page, so what do I know? :laugh2:
  19. efstop

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    I've run out of updated threads. Guess I'll hang out at Facebook...
  20. efstop

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    WTF is that? Looks to want to bite yer dick off.

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