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  1. Blues4U

    Active shooter at my local hospital-NOW

    I just heard there is (maybe was) an active shooter at my local, small town hospital. (Town of around 10k) I know many people that work here, from doctors, nurses on down the line to maintenance and custodians. My sister in law and the wife of a close friend work there but not nights...
  2. Blues4U

    Guitar hack---Seriously considering lessoning pile of guitars--

    I have 6 guitars and honest to God, i do not know why. Mostly because I got one at a deal, got another deal, then build one, then built another one etc- I have had more at times, but having this many and playing so little is just foolish IMO. The biggest reason I want to get rid of some...
  3. Blues4U

    I've been holding off posting this since August-Let the healing begin.

    I have made some mention of this in a couple threads but truthfully, I offered no real details. My dad died on August 27th and his funeral was a few days later. My dad was 77 when he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and he had not smoked a cigarette since he was 37 and he didn't...
  4. Blues4U

    OK-This is so ridiculous its funny-

    Just saw this on FB-- Its so stupid, I found it amusing- Not sure if this wins or loses the internet tonight--:shock: removed link decided this may be inappropriate
  5. Blues4U

    Garmin GPS problems-I need the MLP techie squad's help--

    I have several different GPS units for cars and my favorite one has gone crazy. I have a Garmin NUVI 3590LM (LM stands for lifetime map updates) This has been a completely problem free device since I bought it 3 years ago and last week I was traveling and it was working fine until I went...
  6. Blues4U

    I cry Foul-I was searching for this, and now I can't use it-- lol

    I went to find this on Youtube, and came back to the thread and its closed--
  7. Blues4U

    What did you do this weekend? I had emergency gallbladder surgery--

    My family has had an extremely strange run of luck lately. My wife and mother share the same birthday and it is tomorrow. Plans were to celebrate both birthdays this weekend since I should have been out of town working tomorrow. I started having a gallbladder attack late Friday night and...
  8. Blues4U

    Metallic Gvt Sabbath- For your listening pleasure-

    You are welcome-- :dude:
  9. Blues4U

    March Madness-Prime example of why American teens don't respect authority

    A while back there was a high school basketball game in North Western Indiana between Griffith and Hammond. The game ended in a bench and stand clearing brawl that was eventually called a double forfeit. Both schools were disqualified for further play this season by the governing body of...
  10. Blues4U

    Open Mic night treat--No, really, it was good--

    A good friend of mine hosts an Open Mic night every Thursday with his 3 piece Blues band. We have a pretty good mix of solid musicians in our little town and its always a good mix of Blues, rock, alt, folk etc. There is that every once in a while where a guy or gal shows up and either...
  11. Blues4U

    HOLY CRAP---ISIS Related arrest near my home town--

    This has been kept under wraps since Feb 6. The guy was arrested on a road near the INDY Airport the day the President was in town-- But they are not really stating that there was any intent to harm the President, although that is a HUGE coincidence. But the Arrested individual lived in the...
  12. Blues4U

    If Esteban were an MLP member, what would his name be?

    The Esteban thread got me to wondering if we all hate the guy or all just jealous that we didn't come up with such a quality scam. Have a pile of crappy guitars made in China for 40 bucks, sell them for quadruple the money, make a cheesy infomercial and grin all the way to the bank-- The...
  13. Blues4U

    What guitar is Gary Richrath playing in this clip-??

    I have only ever seen Gary Richrath play Les Pauls, and back in the day it was always one of two Burst, although I think I recall seeing him play a Gold Top at one show. Anyway, this clip is from 81 and I saw them on this tour and when I saw them, GR played one of his burst the entire show...
  14. Blues4U

    Seriously considering selling all my guitars -- (almost)

    I have had many guitars and few guitars over the past few years. I usually end up with higher numbers of guitars after finding a deal or two and then not selling off any in a timely fashion. I have one acoustic guitar that I like and plan on keeping. I have a Parts Caster Strat that is...
  15. Blues4U

    DJ/Mixing for youth and beginners-- Need some ideas-

    My soon to be 10 year old son has a new found interest in DJing and mixing and sampling etc- I know pretty much ZERO about the topic. I do know that you can spend from next to nothing to 10's of thousands of dollars on the gear. The music my son likes from this genre is pretty decent...
  16. Blues4U

    A little crazy and a lot badass. Made me smile and say OH CRAP at the same time.

    This is pretty cool and inspirational at least. Wheelchair Freestyle - Wheelz - Gnarly! - YouTube
  17. Blues4U

    Going to see these guys tonight--Oh Yeah!!!

    Smallish venue, up close and personal. I bought tickets the day they became available. Vintage trouble is the first new rock band that has turned me on for a while. My wife and I will be celebrating out 24th anniversary with a great band-- :dude:
  18. Blues4U

    THUNDER---this is great, last 30 seconds is epic-

    The guy on the left is a staccato beast- This is pretty cool IMO- Hope you enjoy it:thumb: 2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube
  19. Blues4U

    Real police work-This officer not only did a brave thing, he did the RIGHT thing.

    There is no shortage of cop hating, cop bashing on this site, and much of it justified to some degree. But I ask of you to watch this video of an Indianapolis police officer and how he defused a deadly situation. If the story went down the other way and this officer would have shot a student...
  20. Blues4U

    Out of love for my wife, I ate so much, I think I'm gonna Hurl----

    I left the house early this morning to meet a friend at a Wilderness area to do some scouting for a potential hunting trip in Oct. This is normal outdoorsman activity, nothing odd here. While grabbing my day pack, filling my hydration bladders, throwing in a first aid kit, compass...

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