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    Sold again: 2018 Fender American Original '60s Custom Telecaster - $1250

    Yeah, that was a badass looking Tele!
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    SOLD: MJT Guitars Strat Body - Black Nitro Relic

    MJT makes awesome stuff. I built a '60s relic years ago with a body just like this. Post this up on It will sell quick! GLWS
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    Custom Les Paul builders?

    Not sure if this is the correct forum - if not, please let me know. Someone local is selling a Les Paul-style guitar built by Darrin Green. Anybody heard of him? Supposedly a one-man shop in Colorado. Only guitars I could find online are custom build bolt neck type. The subject guitar looks...
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    Fender Eric Johnson Strat - Local sale: Cincinnati/Dayton area $1400

    Absolutely! The 12" radius makes transitioning between the LP and Strat easier.
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    WTB Telecaster

    PM'd ya..........
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    Favorite class A practice amp?

    +1. I have the combo and head. Awesome amps! I had the AC5, but it pales in comparison. Plenty of mods for the Valve Jrs, if you find one used one. I used the baby will lite II kit to upgrade mine to 18 watt Marshall 1974x goodness. Check them out:
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    Took my inherited 75-76 Les Paul Deluxe Blue Sparkle to get appraised, what can I expect?

    HCT or somebody with more knowledge than I may be able to tell more, but it looks like a mahogany neck from your recent photos. I thought Gibson started using maple for LP necks in '75?
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    Do you remember when CEO of big companies thanked you for buying their products?

    I vaguely remember getting some correspondence from Hamer when I bought a Special brand new, but that was a long, long time ago (pre-Kaman and Slammer days)
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    Throbak | ReWind | Holmes | Wizz | Lollar | Gibson MHS - Video Comparison

    Woah, you are a trooper! I almost gave up on trying to rewire my ES-345 w/Varitone. Multiple PU changes would give me nightmares!
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    1952 Les Paul gold top + 1953(?) Fender Deluxe 5c3...serial number 0008!!

    Yeah, but if he buys it, he might let something else go (everyone's gotta run out of room eventually)
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    WTB 2018 Gibson Les Paul Brazilian Board...

    LOL - looks like it was meant to be...........
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    Sold: Blackstar HT-1R 1Watt Mini Stack Tube Amp Head w/HT-110 Spkr Cab

    What, no love for a cool 1 watt tube amp rig? Open to reasonable offers, BTW.
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    SOLD: Gibson Collectors Choice #18 - Dutchburst, SN 9 [VIDEO ADDED]

    Love the finish and checking on that baby - GLWS!
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    New Amp Day: Hiwatt Little J Rig

    Sometimes it's just a simple switching of the input taps on the power transformer to switch from 240 > 120 VAC. If not, a new Pt may be required. Your amp tech will sort it out. A lot of the old Marshalls had a plug on the back that could be moved to engage the correct taps on the PT to switch...
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    New Marshall Day, and three generations of 5W Marshalls

    Is that a green Class 5 on the bottom of the stack? Very kewl....
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    The Leo Fender clean amp myth

    Oh yeah - Ampegs are notorious for being hard to "drive". I heard the owner/designer was a big Jazz aficionado and despised distorted tone.
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    NGD R0 2020 60Th V3

    Congratulations on your new addition to the family!
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    Are the 'Custom Buckers' in new R9's a good pick up?

    +1 : Ain't that the truth!

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